Friday, April 30, 2010

Book Review: Recipe For Love

Kay Clifford's Recipe For Love is the perfect example of a "Classic" Harlequin romance. I'm rather surprised at how old fashioned the heroine is throughout most of the story, considering the book was published in 1988, when it was becoming more and more commonplace to not be the 24 year old virgin.

Vicky is a cookery instructor who gets caught up in the affairs of her boss. J.P. Duncan is an owner of some highly popular diners who had come to take the course in gourmet cooking so that he can seduce Vicky, so that one of his secrets wouldn't be revealed.

I loved that while Jay was the typical alpha male, who seemed to believe the worst of Vicky, he wasn't obnoxious. In fact, it was easier to like him than the very prim, proper Vicky at times. She was a little too old-fashioned in her ways, even when she set out to get Jay to make love to her, she just didn't seem like she was ready for a casual affair, which, of course, she wasn't.

One of the only things that bothered me was how Jay seemed to not notice that he deflowered her. I think that should have had him on the phone to his blackmailer instantly, to tell her she had the wrong woman. The right woman was actually Vicky's boss, Claudeine.

I definitely would have liked some more time spent on Jay's point of view. You only got a glimpse into his feelings and his life towards the beginning when the blackmail starts.

All in all, it was a sweet book, typical of the series at the time.

Book Review: His Little Black Book

His Little Black Book is another awesome installment of "Encounters" by Heather MacAllister. In this book, Heather has created three stories that revolve around one man who sends a mass text to all the women in his "little black book" on a weekend when a hurricane is blowing through.

The three women that lust after Jonathan all meet other matches on their way to the beach house where they hoped to hook up with him.

Each woman did an about face when they meet different men. For Sophie it's Adrian Dean, who has an exercise machine he needs a winning ad for. For Mia Weiss its Kevin Powell the hunky calender guy who runs a restaurant on the island. Lastly is Cammy who discovers love and hot sex with Gil her former partner.

I love the hook ups and the hang ups the women have, though I admit that at times I found it hard to believe such intelligent women would waste their time on such a player as Jonathan.

The guys that the women fell for what really made the story. I particularly loved Mia's guy, Kevin because he was the only guy not connected with the agency that the ladies worked for, plus he was damn close to perfect.

This book wasn't as great as her last "Encounters" book, "Undressed," but it still was a great collection of stories. After all, who would have thought a hurricane would make a great backdrop for a romance novel!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Book Review: Married In The Morning

Married In The Morning is pretty much a comedy of errors and the errors are all made by the heroine and hero, Gina Martin and Gerrick Green, who end up eloping in Las Vegas during a wild weekend celebration of Gerrick's new job.

The elopement itself would make for a great story, but Susan gives it a bit more Oomph, by making sure their nuptials aren't discovered. When the couple returns, with Gina already having second thoughts, she learns her father has suffered a serious heart attack.

From that point on, Gina and Gerrick can't seem to get it together. They get close and then they get pushed apart. It almost seems like they shouldn't be together.

This story is so well-written and the characters are so likable that you want to shake each of them, for keeping each other from what would make them the happiest, being together.

I think of the two, Gina is the most frustrating, because she tries to win Gerrick back after pushing him away only to spoil their relationship again and again. You want to take her aside and ask her what she really wants.

Married in the Morning is a great light read, that will definitely brighten your day. Its got romance and humor and family all in equal measures. This is one of those books that remind me of why I read romance.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Book Review: A Mother's Wedding Day

A Mother's Wedding Day is a 2 stories in one book, written about a mom finding love and then a daughter. The thing that makes this book so unique, is that it is written by a mother/daughter team, Rebecca Winters and Dominique Burton.

These two women wind an entwining tale of heartbreak, hurt and healing. In the first story, A Mother's Secret, Andrea Danbury is coping with a boss that is battling alcoholism and a daughter who is barely speaking to her as a result of some information withheld throughout the years.

Rebecca Winters shows us a mother's pain as only a mother could. Andrea is so well written. You feel her love for her employer, her daughter and for Max, the boss' son, whom she's harbored feelings for, for years.

The best thing about this heroine is her real strength. You know the decisions she makes are ones that most women would make. Her emotions are a mother's emotions and you love her for it.

The only thing that could have made this story better would have been if it were a full length, thus allowing Steve and Helen to have more of a role in the plot.

Dominique Burton's story is A Daughter's Discovery. Sammi Danbury is Andrea's daughter, who has discovered her mom hasn't told her the whole truth about her family. She's learned that her father's family is from Alaska and they may still be alive.

Returning from a harrowing photoshoot, Sammi goes in search of her grandparents and finds love in the handsome Jake Powell, who is the son of her father's best friend.

I really love Sammi and how easily she fits in with her new found grandparents. I just wish forgiveness would have come to her a little more easily. Just as it would have been nice if Andrea and her first husbands parents could have had a few scenes together. It seems to me these people would have a lot to say to each other.

I particularly loved the scene where Sammi sneaks aboard Jake's plane, and gets a bit delirious from a bug she picked up while in Africa.

Both stories were wonderful and this is a perfect books for moms.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Book Review: Moonstruck

Julie Kenner's Moonstruck was one of those stories that just didn't work for me. Claire and Ty just did everything too fast to be believable. The two hook up on New Year's Eve when Claire sees her ex with a hot new woman. The speed their relationship progresses at is fine when things were looking like a one night stand, but when they started talking about how they thought that each of them was "the one" after only spending a few hours in bed doing the horizontal mambo and licking chocolate off each other, well I found myself getting annoyed. I found myself talking to the book and telling the characters that they were thinking with their nether brains and not the ones in their heads.

Most Blaze novels that I've read have a good story to carry it. This one was weak at best, focusing more on sex than a good story that will draw readers in. Yes, I like steamy stories. Its great escapism, but I also ask to have a story that while it may not necessarily be 100% believable, should at least not leave me wondering about the characters.

The heroine, Claire is a lawyer, with dreams of being a judge. Ty is a night club owner whose face ends up in the tabloids more often then not. You Can see where there might be some conflict here, right? Especially when the wannabe judge ends up with her picture posted on all sorts of gossip blogs.

Both are very heavily into their careers, and yet a compromise is made so there's a happily ever after.

Maybe I've read too many of these lately but I got no enjoyment out of this one.

All Blazed Out

I love Harlequin's Blaze line. I read a lot of their books. This month I think I've read 10 of them, however I think I've hit the too much of a good thing point though, because the last one I read just fell totally flat with me.

So when looking through my massive "to be read" pile, I dug up something a little different. More plot, less humping, because seriously the last Blaze I read was a bit short on plot, which for the most part is not the case with these books. Sure they are steamy but they never lack for a good storyline too.

So now I'm working on Jennifer Weiner's Little Earthquakes. She's an author I've heard about from friends and from online buzz. Hopefully it will clear my head of the last book so I can jump into my Blaze books again, because I haven't read the new Samantha Hunter which I won this month, and I'd hate to be too burned out to enjoy that one. I love Sam's books and maybe that was the problem with the last one I read, it was an author I've never read before. I like Sam's books, Hope Tarr, Tawny Webber, Leslie Kelly....maybe I should stick with the familiar? But then again what fun would that be?

I think after I finish this book, I'll get around to Janet Evanovich's last Stephanie Plum novel, which I haven't read, even though I've owned it for about a year?

What do you do when your favorite line of books leaves you disappointed?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Book Review: Bright Lights, Big Ass

This book was so funny I hurt myself laughing in several places. Jen Lancaster really recounts parts of her life in a hilarious fashion.

She's one of those people that you love to laugh at, with and about. I'd almost want her to be my best friend, if not for her political leanings. Sorry, I can't trust anyone that enjoys reading Ann Coulter. It really makes me question your sanity. Same could be said about a certain lady that was in the running for VP, but I digress. After I got past all the little bit of politics that touched the book, and there isn't much, the rest is laugh out loud funny. I mean clutch your sides, roll of the chair and laugh until you cry.


Because Jen is just so crazy you have to laugh at her. You occasionally feel sorry for Fletch (her husband) and Maisey and Loki (her dogs) because they have to live with her.


Because though she will have you in stitches laughing she really does seem certifiable at times and downright mean at others and some other times, just plain dumb.

That doesn't stop this book from being good and it doesn't stop me from wanting to read her other books as well.


Because with all her craziness, its a wonder she's lived as long as she has without someone killing her!

Friday, April 23, 2010

It Was A Good Book Day

Let me first say that driving a BRAND NEW CHEVY COBALT even for 3 days is totally awesome. This car has less than 2000 miles on it. I've never ever driven anything that new.

So, I'm motoring along in the Cobalt, did I mention its red? Yes, its gorgeous and RED! I go to the gym like a good little girl. Then I head off to Goodwill aka: Best Used Bookstore in the area.

Lots of books but slim pickings if you are in the market for some romance, however I did find two great books.

The first one being a reprint of one of Janet Evanovich's novels for Loveswept called "The Grand Finale." I wonder if anyone has the originals? I bet those are worth a mint if they are in good condition.

This should tide me over until Sizzling Sixteen comes out in June. I'm super excited for that, because I love Stephanie Plum novels. Though I have to say I wouldn't mind a new "Metro Girl" books sometime soon.

The next book is one by Candace Camp called The Wedding Challenge. I love a good historical, and if its set in England, all the better.

The best thing about my purchases? The cost! I got both books for $2.10! You really can't beat that. I couldn't believe I found those two, because other than that, there really wasn't much to excite me in the book section of the store.

I've got lots to read. Now I just have to find more time to pick up these books. In fact, I need to finish reading Jen Lancaster's Bright Lights Big Ass, because, well, its fan-freaking-tastic and it makes me laugh until I pee myself!

Yeah TMI! But its such a good book!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Book Review: Promise Forever

Promise Forever is a great example of why I love the Love Inspired line of books. Its also a reason why I count Marta Perry as one of the authors that I buy without question.

Its really hard to write a romance novel without sex, while creating a story that's believable to the readers. Marta does this well and this story is no exception.

The heroine is "Island Girl," Miranda Caldwell who had a brief marriage to "richy" Tyler Winchester when she was eighteen. The marriage ended and Miranda had a child she didn't tell Ty about. Eight years late a photo ends up in Ty's hand with "your son" written on the back.

Its what happens when Ty ends up back on the island that makes the book so wonderful. Through Miranda, Ty learns to love and trust and above all other things, he learns to be a father to Sammy. He even realizes that he never lost his love for Miranda and that discovery really makes this story special.

The other thing that I loved about Promise Forever was the story of the missing dolphin and how a near tragedy brought it back to the family.

I like that faith plays a part in the book without centering on a religion. The other thing about this line is that anyone can read them without there being a fear that it will be too smutty.

This was an excellent read and one I'd recommend to other friends

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Book Review: Loving Deceiver

Loving Deceiver by Katherine Arthur had to be one of the most original plots I've come across in a Harlequin Romance. Its also silly. Very silly.

Our heroine is a private detective working for the A-1 Detective Agency owned by her brother and she's on her way to NOLA to find a runaway husband. On her way she finds the man who broke her heart five years ago, Luke Thorndike, because when they were involved, Luke was a married man.

This is where the story gets fun and takes a turn for the slapstick comedy route. Theresa overhears two thugs talking about snuffing her ex-beau and her being a Private Detective, decides she's going to protect him, even though she doesn't want to be near a man she can't trust.

The story plays out like an episode of Monk meets the Keystone Cops. And Luke, though lovable is really not very believable as a Hollywood screenwriter. He's a bit too goody-goody to be successful in LA. Hollywood types are not known for their chastity.

The thing that you will like about Luke is his kooky behavior. This guy is more than a little bit eccentric and that really helps make the story funny rather than suspenseful, which is good, because this is the romance line. Things need to be kept light here.

Even though there were some very unbelievable things in this story, I couldn't help but like it. It was too funny not to like. Also it was one story that I could see crossing over to the little screen. Very cute. Very Funny and Very Readable.

Book Ratings And Other Assorted Markings

I read so many books that sometimes I re-read a few without knowing that I'm doing it. Much like I did with the Betty Neels book I recently read. Sometimes the covers just blend together and you just don't remember until your a few pages in, or sometimes halfway through!

My grandmother used to put a little "x" with a circle around it in the top corner of the first page of any book she finished. Her friend Evelyn, left an "E" in the same general area. My gram and I traded books so those little markings made it easier for me to know who should get the books next. Of course, when I find a book with that marking in it now, I tear up, because I won't see any more of those. Gram, is hopefully enjoying the big library in heaven or doing all sorts of wonderful things there now.

I still like seeing how people leave their mark on books. I buy a lot of used paperbacks at Goodwill and other second hand shops and sometimes you see the most interesting markings. Some will leave "x"s like gram, others their names. Some leave stars which leads me to think they are rating the story.

I have a book now, Marta Perry's Promise Forever that has 3 stars. It makes me wonder if that means the book was really good or just mediocre? How did they rate the story. Why 3 stars?

I only rate books on my social networking book sites, like Goodreads, Shelfari or Eharlquin's blogs and forums. Most of the time I feel my reviews speak for how I felt about a book, no matter how long or short that review is. That doesn't stop me from being intrigued by other people's rating systems. I like to know why people like or dislike something, even if I don't necessarily agree with them.

So how do you rate your books? Do you ever leave a mark in the book so that you know its yours or that you've read it?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Book Review: Blazing Bedtime Stories Vol IV

The fourth book in this wonderful mini-series of short stories is definitely one for the fans of paranormal romance. In Kimberly Kaye's Cupid's Bite we're treated to a story about a former Navy SEAL turned vampire, Rayne Montana is back in his hometown to tie up loose ends before going on to do more vampirey things. Lucy Rivers is the girl that left him behind for his own good.

Well thanks to some of his vampire powers the two of them share a bit of a hot and heavy reunion. Even though Lucy doesn't want to get involved with him again, even if it is just sex. Rayne has vampire powers that make sure she will enjoy ever minute of their reunion sex.

This story was pure vampire fun. In a more classic sense. No one flipping SPARKLED! I loved that Rayne was a "new" vampire and not sure of his abilities and yet he knew not to hurt Lucy.

Oh and to add a little bit of humor, Lucy has inherited a dog named Cupid who likes to bite men's legs. Oh and after he does, the men fall in love with his owner. Needless to say, the whole female population of Skull Creek (at least the single female portion of the population) want this dog!

The only thing I have to gripe about with this story is that we're introduced to Miranda and Cody and we're also told that there are more vampires in Skull Creek, but this is a novella, so we don't get to learn much about them. So Kimberly, if you read this! Write their stories! I want more!!

The second story in the book is I Wish He Might, by one of my favorite Blaze authors, Samantha Hunter! In this story the heroine, Nina Larson has to write a story about a genie, only she finds the genie and finds there's more to the whole "three wishes thing."

I loved the genie "Alec" and how he shared some of his "secrets" with Nina. Best of all, I liked how Nina protected him and rescued him from the jinn hunter. This story was sweet, sexy and fun, just what I come to expect from Samantha.

This was definitely a great bedside book and one I'll revisit again just for fun!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Book Review: Never The Time And The Place

This is actually the second time I've read this book. I can't remember when the first was, but when I got about 20 pages in, I knew I had read this one before. That didn't stop me from reading again. I love Betty Neels. When looking up cover images, I saw that she had died in 2001 and that made me terribly sad. But back to the book.

Like all of Neels' books their is a character from Holland. The heroine is an English nurse with a father that is a country doctor. She breaks off an engagement early on because she knows she doesn't really love the man.

Our hero from Holland, is a doctor that's come as a stand in for her boss while he's away. The two strike up a curious friendship. It seems wherever Josephine is, Doctor Julius Van Tacx is also. I wonder why?

More modern readers will find Neels' books to be a bit too sweet. After all in this book the couple got married and not once did they share a marriage bed! But now that I know more about the author I can safely tell you, that this was the way things had to be when she was of that age. Neels was born in 1910 and she seems to write what she knows about. Courtship was different in the late 20s and early 30s. Yet for some reason its hard not to love her books. I think the reason is that Neels created stories that were like fairy tales and what woman doesn't want to be taken away from the drudgery of day to day life by a rich, handsome man, even if he is just a little bit arrogant?

Friday, April 16, 2010

I've Been Very Lazy Lately

I try to post all my reviews to my reading social network sites like Shelfari and Goodreads, so I can keep track of exactly what I've read.

I can't tell you how many times I've ended up reading books twice because I didn't have a method of letting myself know what I've read. Its actually one of the reasons I take part in book challenges. I review every book I read, that way I know what I've read.

Believe me I've bought books a second time because the story looked good and I couldn't remember the cover, because I read it years ago. Thankfully that usually only happens with used books, but I have bought a few harlequins twice.

I have hopes that over the weekend I can get some of the reviews posted on those two sites. I'm terribly lazy when it comes to this sort of thing.

I also hope to be able to read a bit this weekend. I haven't figured out why I can never pick up a book on Saturday and Sunday to read more than just a few pages.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Book Review: 1-900-Lover

This book is part hysterical part steamy. The heroine, Rowan is a phone sex operator. She's doing this because she got laid off from her teaching position and she needs to pay the bills.

Will is the guy that got stuck with a $1000.00 phone bill thanks to a nephew who called the 900 number. He wants to rip the phone sex operator a new one, until he meets Rowan, and then he wants to do some different things to her.

I actually found this story to be a bit underdeveloped. I wanted more from both characters. I liked the secondary characters and I wish they would have had more time, especially Ida the landlady and Will's mother. I loved the stuff Ida sent Rowan on errands for, and some of Will's mom's advice was priceless.

The story seemed to lose track of the reason why the two liked each other, and instead went straight into hot monkey love. That's fine most of the time, but I think the sex ended up carrying this story a bit too much. The plot kind of got lost in the shuffle.

The quick resolution at the end felt a bit forced too. Will's anger was a bit unfounded and to want to end a relationship because of the 900 line just seemed a bit foolish. He was acting a bit too alpha male for me.

This was a good book, but there was something lacking that kept it from being great.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another Book For The Must Read Pile

Sometimes it really sucks, getting all these emails from online book sellers. Every day I get bombarded with books that I definitely want to get around to reading. Its a shame that there are only so many hours in the day.

The current book seducing me is a memoir. Its called Mennonite In A Little Black Dress.

I'm hoping if I get by a book store in the next few days I'll be able to find this one. Check out the synopsis here.

Now I just need some time to sit down and read.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Book Review: Letters Of Love

Judy Kaye's Letters of Love is one of the sweetest books I've read in the Romance line in quite a long time.

The character's Chase Kincaid and Karen Matthew aren't young. Both are career minded adults and that makes the story more interesting. Its nice not to have a super young girl, and the older wiser man.

I really loved Chase's meddling kids and how they conspired to keep their father from being lonely. Karen's friend Molly, is just as bad, and her personal issues add a lot of laughter to this story in spots where things just weren't happening with Chase.

In fact, throughout the story, I found myself waiting for another guy to jump into the picture because Chase was taking his good ole time. The budding romance between those too took a lot longer than I would have liked.

The one thing that really made me pleased was how good of a father Chase was. He was willing to put just about everything aside, including his relationship with Karen for his kid's sake. That was admirable.

I also liked how sex was really downplayed in this story, and yet the two characters made it through their "courtship" without hopping into bed.

I read this one in a day and I enjoyed every page.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Book Review: A Blazing Little Christmas

I'm a little late with some of my Christmas books, but this was actually one I picked up at either Goodwill or Half Priced Books. Its an anthology of 3 stories that center around one lodge in Lake Placid, NY.

Two out of the three stories are really great, the middle story is so so. All of them are filled with steamy sex.

The first story is by Jacquie D'Alessandro and its call Holiday In Bed. The two characters Eric and Jessica are engaged restaurant managers trying to save their relationship. Their families are going nutty planning their wedding and they would like nothing more then to just run away and say "I do."

After reading a few of the scenes with Jessica's mom and Eric's sister, its no wonder the couple's relationship is on the rocks. But one has to wonder where both of their spines are? I don't care how much you love a family member, I can't imagine going several months letting them control something as important as a wedding.

I loved some of the flashback scenes in this one. Oh and there's a lap dance scene that will have anyone reading running off for a cold shower!

The second story is Joanne Rock's "His For The Holidays." This is the so-so one for me. I liked Heather and Jared but the plot of a couple that had wild weekend together 5 years before suddenly getting together again, with revenge on someone's mind, didn't do it for me. Plus everything got wrapped too a little too easily in their story.

The last story is "Dear Santa" by Kathleen O'Reilly, one of my favorite Blaze authors. I really liked the concept of this story. Rebecca has lost her job at an exclusive school, because she had the kids write letters to Santa. She gets a letter saying Santa's bought her a weekend getaway at the Timberline Lodge and that's where everything starts happening and by everything I mean, running into a guy she went to school with.

He's not big on Christmas, but he turns into her Christmas present. There's more to this story than just hot sex too, but I won't give that away, you'll just have to read it for yourself.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Book Review: Consolation Prize

Catherine George almost had a winner with Consolation Prize. The story is cute enough with Hillary Mason and Rhodri Lloyd-Ellis who just can't seem to get together properly. When they meet, she thinks he's a burglar and hits him over the head with a hockey stick. From there on, the relationship that they try to get started is plagued by insecurities and stupidity.

There is one thing that bugs me about this book and a few others. Since when is kissing, making love? Huh? What?

The story really seems to focus on Hillary's having some self-esteem issues. She doesn't think a wealthy man could possibly like her when compared to her sister, Candida, who is now dating a famous actor, who is on the rebound from a friend.

For awhile her finding excuses and arguing with Rhordi was cute, but it never really stopped even when it became apparent that they both liked each other. It was always he's much older, he's an aristocrat, he drives a fancy car. Its always something. And granted all those reasons really make it unlikely for a 35 year old to fall for a 20 year, it happens. I just wish some of the filler would have been left behind.

When Rhordi uses his influence to have Hillary sacked from her second job at the hotel, I think I would have washed my hands of him. His behavior was too controlling. I don't care how much I thought I was in love with him at that point, I would have washed my hands of him then and there.

The story was cute at times but there was too much of it that was a bit hard to believe.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Book Review: Almost April

I discovered this book by Zoa Sherburne while cleaning. I hate getting rid of books when I'm unsure of whether or not I've read them. I'm glad I read this one.

This book was released sometime in the late 1950s or very early 60s, but oddly enough it really stands the test of time.

Karen is a 17 year old girl who is moving across the country to be with her father and his wife. Her mother died a few years previously (of cancer, we presume) and she's been living with her grandmother, who is very crotchety.

When she arrives in Oregen, Karen isn't sure how to behave. Its part of what makes the story relevant now. Karen is out of her element in her new surroundings. She's not sure how to act, or how she wants to act. She's a little resentful of Jan, her father's new wife, who is having the baby that her own mother longed for.

I love Karen's determination when she meets the town bad boy, Nels and later his mother. This young woman has strength and she shows her love for the people in her life so well, even when she is being stubborn.

I only wish Zoa would have spent some time telling us a bit more about Karen's mother and her illness and the reason for her mom's divorce from Thad Hale. It might have made it easier to understand the characters more.

All in all, this was a great book. It was written very well and was better than a lot of the young adult fiction that I read when I was growing up. I was going to pass this book on to Goodwill but now I'm not sure if I will. I may keep it, to revisit later.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Book Review: An Old Affair

The way this book was written, you would have sworn that it took place in the 1960s rather than the mid 80s.

This was not a book that I could really get into. It seemed more like a Presents rather than a regular Harlequin Romance. The hero had that overly arrogant manner and the heroine was more than a little bit wussy.

In a story where two former "lovers" reunite, there are so many things that could happen that could bring about a happy ending, but that's not the case here. Arabella finds it hard to tell the truth because she believes Rudi left her after a bitter fight 5 years before. She's cold, catty and quite often unlikable. I found myself wanting to smack or shake her several times in the story.

She told lies and created innuendo that were meant to keep Rudi away. It would have been better if she screamed and shouted at him. It might have saved the author a few dozen pages.

The only thing about her that I did like was her loyalty to her father, who has run about on hard times. I shook my head at how she was a struggling model, yet she was working for a top designer. Even in the 80s if that were the case, she could have helped get her father out of his financial difficulties. Its not as if she was a catalog model.

Rudi was a bit more likable, but again, the two characters just had way too many secrets and very little trust in one another. It almost made the happy ending a bit unbelievable. Neither one of them wanted to come out and confess their true feelings. The whole book felt like a power struggle and that didn't make for good reading. In a line where most stories are lighthearted this one was a bit to dramatic.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Book Review: Always A Bridesmaid

Always a Bridesmaid is a lovely book by Patricia Knoll that will appeal to young and old readers with a taste for the romantic.

Shelby Featherstone is trying to open a bridal store in a fancy mall run and owned by one A.J. Court, who keeps denying her applications. When she storms in on his business lunch, things get hilarious.

She becomes his fiancee for the moment.

But even after the charade is up, the two of them keep ending up together.

This book would make a perfect romantic comedy. It has all the right elements; a wacky female character that's a little bumbling and her crazy/ditzy family. A well to do hero that really has a heart of gold.

With the plot twists of having him become engaged to Shelby's best friend and then that best friend's former boyfriend wanting her back...really...this book should be on the big screen!

This was an all around super fun read that I didn't want to end.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Book Review: Body Heat

I love Carly Phillips. She's one of my favorite authors, but for some reason, this book just did nothing for me.

It wasn't a bad story, I just couldn't get into it. Jake Lowell and Brianne Nelson were likable enough characters, the storyline was fast-paced and exciting, but maybe that was it. It was too exciting and not hot enough.

There was sexual tension galore between the two lead characters, but it didn't get acted upon until the story was at the halfway point.

This read more like an Intrigue or a Romantic Suspense novel than a Blaze Temptation, at least for me. That has to be my main problem with the book. I wanted more heat and Carly was giving out more cops and drug dealers only not as exciting.

It just felt very middle of the road for whichever genre you placed it in for me. I wanted more. I also would have liked to have met Brianne's brother, since she speaks of him so much, and considering that it is summer, its hard to understand why he was in school.

It took me 4 days to make it through this 250 page book. That's something I could usually do in about a day. So something didn't grab me. I wish I could gush about this one, but it just wasn't for me.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

What Should My Brain Book Be This April

Every month I try to drift away from my norm of reading romance novels and I delve into something that will make me think. I have dubbed these "Brain Books." I try to read 1 "Brain Book" a month.

The question is, what book should I choose this month.

I'm thinking I may try Janice Y.K. Lee's The Piano Teacher or Anne Rice's Angel Time.

So which book do you think it should be? Let me know in the comments. Or if you have any other suggestions of books let me know.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another Book To Look Forward To

One of my favorite Blaze author's Hope Tarr is going to have a book out in July. That's just in time for my birthday! Woo hoo!

Its another Historical for the Blaze line which makes me doubly excited. I love historical romances and with the red hot spice of the Blaze line it makes things twice as nice.

If you want to read an excerpt from The Tutor, you can click the link here and go to Hope's site and read more.

There have been a lot of great Blaze novels lately but this book really has me excited.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Book Review: Midnight Resolutions

First let me say I loved Midnight Resolutions by Kathleen O'Reilly, but that said, it took til the story was almost over before I didn't want to kill Rose. The heroine was so, snotty and pretentious that it was impossible to really warm to her until she started to see the error of her ways. In fact, this was one novel where the hero seemed to be more of a front and center character. Ian's life and struggles seemed far more important than Rose's. Maybe its because I have a bias against blondes named Rose, because of my dislike for the Doctor Who character, of that name.

Even the secondary characters were more likable then Rose. I really would have enjoyed more time spent with Ian's friends Beckett and Pheobe who hooked up midway through the story after several false starts. I also loved Rose's employers' Sylvie and Anton. These characters more than made up for the fact that Rose was obnoxious.

So why did I like the book so much? Because Rose was obnoxious and because she learned that money doesn't always equal happiness. Kathleen O'Reilly created a great story of a couple that meet in Times Square on New Year's Eve, quite by accident and then somehow, through many ups and downs, manage to have a real relationship, even though one is a social climber and the other works for an employment agency.

This is definitely a book for the keeper shelf.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


When I read that article about used books it brought up an interesting point. Most people don't read books twice. Most people?

I guess I'm not most people.

Granted I don't read a lot of my romance novels a second time, but there are several that I have, and I can't even begin to count the number of times I've read Gaston Leroux's The Phantom Of The Opera.

Not every book is worthy of a re-read, some are barely worth the first one.

So what constitutes a book that gets read at least a second time, if not a third or fourth?

For me it has to be characters that I feel some sort of affinity with. I connected with "The Phantom" when I was in high school. He's is literature's perfect misunderstood man. I cheered him on, even though I knew he wouldn't end up with Christine and I hated Raoul for it.

As for my romances, Heather MacAllister's Undressed is one from the Blaze line that I found myself revisiting. I loved the four brides' stories within a story. Plus it was pretty spicy reading. Definitely a book that was hard to put down and hard to forget.

What books have you read more than once?
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