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Kiss & Tell Promo Tour: Marilu Mann - Changing Focus

Changing Focus (Lusting Wild 3) - Marilu Mann

Reluctant to be a Pack Alpha, Micah Keeps Vigil has no hesitation about what he wants in a mate. A strong, intelligent, passionate and, most importantly, shifter female. He’s found her in photojournalist Olivia. She’s come to Micah’s lodge to write about winter sports.

Olivia isn’t expecting a gorgeous man who encourages her wilder nature with a sizzling erotic encounter in her room. Nor does she anticipate the amount of steam they generate in the sauna. With Micah’s hot body and Olivia’s innate sensuality they generate enough heat to melt the snow around the lodge.

One problem—Olivia isn’t aware she’s a shifter. She believes her vivid dreams are just that—dreams—and that her blackouts can be controlled with medication. There’s no way she’s been running through the woods on four feet! Micah has to convince Olivia to accept herself—paws and all—or lose her forever.

Excerpt from Changing Focus: Lusting Wild 3

“What size are you?”

“Excuse me?” She bristled immediately. He moved closer, touching her shoulder.

“You’ll need warmer clothes, specifically long underwear. I keep a stock here for all my guests, there’s a closet full on the second floor. You’ll need to find your size and dress in layers. It’s the key to keeping your body temperature regulated in extremely cold weather.”

“Oh.” Smiling sheepishly, she met his eyes again. “A medium¬—unless they run big. Then I take a small.”

“I’ll let you decide.” He slid his hand down her arm, squeezed her hand then released her to lead the way out of the kitchen and up the main staircase. Olivia couldn’t help but watch him move. He was the most graceful man she’d ever seen in her life. And the way his jeans hugged his butt had to be nearly criminal.

“Here’s the closet.” He opened a door and stepped aside. She moved forward into the walk–in closet and laughed. It looked as though it held every possible color and size of long underwear. Each shelf was neatly labeled with the sizes it contained.

She glanced to the other side and laughed again. Those shelves held bathrobes and bathing suits. Men’s, women’s and even a few children’s sizes graced the shelves here. Vibrant colors and enough variety of styles to satisfy even the most hard–to–please customer.

“Bathing suits?” She tipped her head back at him.

Micah nodded. “Some people don’t realize we have a sauna and whirlpool. When they come for the winter, they’re pleasantly surprised, but usually unprepared. Of course, I have no objection to nudity in the sauna. It just depends on who else is here at the time and what their feelings are. I’m sure you’d look good in nothing.”

Olivia’s breath jumped out on a gasp. Had he really said that? He reached around her and pulled a couple of neatly packaged sets of long underwear off the shelf. “Try these. Just leave the ones that don’t fit in your room and I’ll take care of them later.”

Leading the way back out of the closet and down the hall toward her room, he spoke over his shoulder to her. “I’m going to go upstairs and finish dressing. I’ll meet you in the main room in thirty minutes.”

“Micah?” When he turned, she smiled. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure. Remember, layers. The long underwear, cotton, wool or flannel shirt and pants if you have them, at least two pair of socks, wool is best. I have hats, gloves and scarves downstairs in another closet.”

“You really are prepared, aren’t you?”

“I try to be.” He nodded at her again then turned and moved quickly up the stairs leading to the third floor. Olivia entered her room, the packages of long underwear clasped to her chest.

“What an interesting man. But really, Olivia Marie, you must get control of your hormones. Attacking your host is not a good idea.”

She stepped over to sit on the edge of her bed. Laying the packages down, she thought back to Micah’s sauna comment. Surely she’d misheard him since he hadn’t done or said anything even remotely suggestive after that. Her hand slid down her side and she shivered. What would his hands feel like against her skin?

They’d be rough more than likely. Would he run his hands over her breasts lingering on the undersides? Or would he concentrate his touch on her nipples? Would he squeeze hard or barely cup her breasts?

Her nipples pebbled at the thought as she cupped herself letting her fingers pinch the hardening tips slightly. Heat pooled in her belly as she slid her shirt off. Olivia traced a hand down her stomach to slide into her jeans. She plucked at the lace of her panties imagining Micah’s hands there instead of her own.

With a slight moan, she undid the buttons on her jeans to shimmy out of them. Lying back on the comforter, Olivia snaked two fingers to her clit. The warm flesh throbbed in answer to the soft pressure. With her other hand plucking at her nipples, she began to circle her fingers on that swollen damp spot between her legs.

Images of Micah nipping her breast raised her hips off the bed as she stroked harder and faster then slid her fingers inside her warm body. She let her fingers become his cock as she stretched to thrust into herself. Moving her fingers faster in and out of her pussy, she imagined his dark hair falling forward, stroking lightly across her shoulders as his gorgeous brown eyes held her gaze. Sliding up to stroke across her clit again, pinching it lightly before moving her fingers back down.

In her mind it was Micah sliding two fingers inside her. The heat and slickness as she gripped her own fingers made her breathe harder. She wondered what his cock would feel like. Rotating her hand so she could fit a third finger in, Olivia lifted her hips, thinking only of Micah fucking her.

His cock replaced his fingers in her imagination pounding into her pussy. Olivia groaned softly. She wanted to wrap her fingers in that long black hair to pull him down for a kiss. It would be a long, hot wet kiss where their tongues tangled together. Her other hand plucked at her nipples—one and then the other—sending frissons of pleasure that met the ones from her pussy in a molten pool in her belly.

Her heels thrummed the floor once, her hips pistoning against her fingers then Olivia muffled her cries of pleasure by turning her head into the pillows. Gasping, she let her body shudder back down to earth. A soft stroke across her clit as she withdrew her fingers from her own body caused another shiver to trace across her skin.

A moment passed then she remembered what she was supposed to be doing. With a soft curse, she jerked herself upright to rip open the long johns and get dressed. Someday, Olivia Marie, you will feel a man there again. Once you learn to control the savage inside. She changed her underwear but didn’t take time to wash anything other than her hands.

She headed back downstairs, feeling a little bit satisfied but a lot more aware. As she made the turn into the great room, she smiled. Micah leaned over the fireplace poking at the fire. His jeans accentuated a very well–made ass. Olivia could only dream of what it might be like to be bent over in front of him.


Marilu Mann brings the steaminess of the Louisiana bayous to her books and she doesn't stop there. Marilu's willing to travel to the frozen tundra of Wisconsin to heat up those northern nights and melt a little snow.
She'll also circle the world to Wales, Ireland, Scotland and back just to bring you books that make you sweat.

Currently residing in Texas, Marilu is an avid armchair traveler. Her sexy shifters will set your blood to boiling in no time. Owned by one Diva Teen and various animals, Marilu keeps busy writing the novels her readers beg for.

Marilu is thrilled to be a part of the Ellora's Cave family and loves to hear from readers.


Twitter:  and

Marilu Mann is a team of two authors. :)

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Kiss & Tell Promo Tour: Guest Post: Mina Khan

The first kiss is a special moment…you stand at the brink of new possibilities, hoping for a magical connection.

I still remember my first kiss ever. I was 11 and he was 12, our families were friends. We’d spent two-weeks in the summer together and we were about to go our separate ways. The setting was perfect: sunset at the beach. We’d managed to lag behind everyone else…and then he stole a kiss. It was a quick peck, sweet and innocent…but still thrilling enough to send us hurtling across the boardwalk, hearts galloping almost out of us, grinning at each other.

The first kiss I shared with the man who became my DH…was different. What was supposed to be a goodnight kiss ended up being a major make-out session, lol. A man of few words, he delivers with actions. And yes, my heart raced like kid behind the wheels of a Corvette. Still does.
So, I try to make the first kiss in my stories special and full of magic. Here’s my hero, Rukh, just after sharing a kiss with the heroine, Sarah in THE DJINN’S DILEMMA:

The original plan had been to fade again. Unfortunately, he’d come up with the harebrained idea of introducing himself. Touch, he’d theorized, would strengthen his link to Sarah and enable him to peek into her mind.

The handshake hadn’t worked.

Instead, she’d kissed him.

And what a kiss. For a moment, all barriers between them had melted and her mind lay open like a book waiting to be read. One look at her raw desire for him and all his other thoughts had fled. She’d ceased to be Sarah and become Jasmine to him. He’d gawked, frozen like a virgin, and then almost lost himself in her. Damn, it had been too long, and it had felt good. Better than good.

He should never have let that kiss happen.
Want to know more about Rukh & Sarah? Check out my book page

Thanks for visiting with me!
Mina Khan

Bio: Mina Khan is a Texas-based writer and food enthusiast. She daydreams of hunky paranormal heroes, magic, mayhem and mischief and writes them down as stories. Between stories, she teaches culinary classes and writes for her local newspaper. Other than that, she's raising a family of two children, two cats, two dogs and a husband.
She grew up in Bangladesh on stories of djinns, ghosts and monsters. These childhood fancies now color her fiction. 
The Djinn’s Dilemma available from Harlequin Nocturne

Kiss & Tell Promo Tour: The Djinn's Dilemma

The Djinn’s Dilemma

Book Blurb:
Rukh O'Shay, half-djinn and assassin, is used to taking out the bad guys. But his latest assignment, Texas Journalist Sarah White, is nothing like he expected. A glimpse of her bright aura reveals her gentle spirit, while her beauty makes him long for only one thing—to taste her.
Sarah shares the raw desire to connect with Rukh. He can turn her on with a glance, and satisfies needs she didn't even know she had.
But Rukh had been hired to kill her—and the only way to save her is to find out who wants her dead before someone else finishes the job….


Oh heaven and hell, stop with the tears. Given the day Sarah had just had, the tears were logical. But watching her face crumple, hearing the gut-deep harsh sobs, filled Rukh with an irrational need to pull her into his arms, wrap her in a hug.

As soon as the urge had gelled into conscious thought, his essence hardened into visibility and his arms slid up around her shivering, wet body.

Sarah’s eyes popped open and she staggered back with a yell.

His arms tightened around her, steadying her, keeping her close. Well, shit. At least, she’d stopped crying.

Fear-bright green eyes stared at him instead.

Given he was an assassin, sent to kill her, her response was natural, even intelligent. Yet, bitterness churned in his gut at the thought of her fearing him. “It’s okay,” he whispered. “You’re safe.”

“Am I hallucinating?” Her question came out as a croak.

“Yes, yes you are.” That seemed a much better answer than the truth.

She pinned him with her dark, direct gaze. “You’re just a figment of my imagination. A fantasy?” “Yes.” He didn’t dare move.

“Then why are you still wearing clothes?”
He made the clothes disappear and stood there as naked as her. Skin against skin, the heat from her body melted into his. Warm water washed over them like rain.


Book is Available At:


Barnes & Noble


The Djinn’s Dilemma available from Harlequin Nocturne

Author Bio: 

Mina Khan is a Texas-based writer and food enthusiast. She daydreams of hunky paranormal heroes, magic, mayhem and mischief and writes them down as stories. Between stories, she teaches culinary classes and writes for her local newspaper. Other than that, she's raising a family of two children, two cats, two dogs and a husband.
She grew up in Bangladesh on stories of djinns, ghosts and monsters. These childhood fancies now color her fiction.

You can find her at:

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TLC Book Tour & Review: Merry Christmas Stories

Author: Jeff R. Spalsbury
Title: Merry Christmas Stories
Publisher: Black Rose Writing
Publish Date: Sept 10, 2010
Buy: Amazon
Review Copy Provided By: TLC Book Tours & the publisher
Book Blurb: These 25 short stories for the Christmas season will make you laugh, smile and just feel good about this magical time of year. These delightful stories, written in a variety of genre, all reflect Christmas love, hope and charity. Detective Nick Tracer just wants to get drunk over the holiday season but an eight-year-old girl hires him to find Santa, and it changes his life. A magical Christmas bus enriches the lives of a veteran and his young daughter. The last S-2, an indestructable android, is given the toughest assignment of his long existence. A Christmas ghost discovers the real magic of Christmas, and on a beautiful California Christmas morning, two people in their 80s recall their lives while sitting on a park bench overlooking the Pacific Ocean. A ghost plays matchmaker for his younger brother, and two children do the same thing for their single mother. A best friend turns the tables on his buddy, and a sad poem opens the heart of a lonely poet. A bag lady enjoys the view and receives an unexpected guest. And sometimes being too smart can be a disadvantage, particularly when there is a bronze olive involved. These are just some of the fun and exciting stories in this compilation. There are stories of adventure along with humor, unexpected surprises, romance and poignent moments. These are feel-good stories, to uplift your spirit and to leave you with a smile or a warm feeling. Just the way Christmas should feel.

Review: If a book could be an advent calender, this would be it. There are 25 short stories included that really convey the spirit of Christmas.

The stories in this book will touch your heart. This is literally a book that will make you laugh one minute and cry the next, because each story is totally different.

I really loved all twenty five but Tiny and The Bear stands out as one of my favorites in this collection. It is the story of ghost playing matchmaker for his brother, and to say anymore would spoil the story. It is simply something you have to read.

Jeff really does a great job of bringing the Christmas spirit to life in many different genres, though love really is a central theme in most of the stories. There is definitely a story for everyone here.

I recommend putting this book by your nightstand and reading on story a night until Christmas. It will make you holiday so much nicer, having experienced these stories.

Rating:  5 flowers

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All I Want For Christmas

My wishlist for books is a bit out of hand, but I thought that since it is the holiday season. Here are some of the books that I really want to find in my stocking or under the tree this year...most are holiday related.

I would also love to have some time to read this holiday season. So what books do you want Santa to bring you this year?

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Crazy Book Tours Book Review: The Lady Of The Rivers

Author: Philippa Gregory
Title: The Lady of the Rivers
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Publish Date: September 15, 2011
Source: Crazy Book Tours
Buy: Amazon
Book Blurb: Descended from Melusina, the river goddess, Jacquetta always has had the gift of second sight. As a child visiting her uncle, she met his prisoner, Joan of Arc, and saw her own power reflected in the young woman accused of witchcraft. They share the mystery of the tarot card of the wheel of fortune before Joan is taken to a horrific death at the hands of the English rulers of France. Jacquetta understands the danger for a woman who dares to dream.
Jacquetta is married to the Duke of Bedford, English regent of France, and he introduces her to a mysterious world of learning and alchemy. Her only friend in the great household is the duke’s squire Richard Woodville, who is at her side when the duke’s death leaves her a wealthy young widow. The two become lovers and marry in secret, returning to England to serve at the court of the young King Henry VI, where Jacquetta becomes a close and loyal friend to his new queen.

The Woodvilles soon achieve a place at the very heart of the Lancaster court, though Jacquetta can sense the growing threat from the people of England and the danger of royal rivals. Not even their courage and loyalty can keep the House of Lancaster on the throne. Henry the king slides into a mysterious sleep; Margaret the queen turns to untrustworthy favorites for help; and Richard, Duke of York, threatens to overturn the whole kingdom for his rival dynasty.

Jacquetta fights for her king, her queen, and for her daughter Elizabeth for whom Jacquetta can sense an extraordinary and unexpected future: a change of fortune, the throne of England, and the white rose of York.

A sweeping, powerful story rich in passion and legend and drawing on years of research, The Lady of the Rivers tells the story of the real-life mother of the white queen.

Review: I haven't read a Phillipa Gregory book in ages, even though every book she's written is either on my TBR pile or on my Nook. The Lady of the River might not be the best book to pick up if you haven't read any of her other novels before. The beginning drags a bit and if you aren't used to this kind of historical fiction, you may be tempted to put the book down.

Don't do that. You'll miss out.

Gregory focuses on witchcraft which is something that figures into Jacquetta's life. This book ties in with The White Queen and The Red Queen, which you'll want to read after this one.

The thing that I like the most about any book by Phillipa Gregory, is her ability to take you back in time with her characters. You are there with Jacquetta. Her writing pulls you in to the story, and though this book isn't as good as any in the Boleyn series, it is still worth reading if you have a love for historical fiction. Gregory is a master at her genre, much like Jean Plaidy.

When you put down this book, you'll have not only read a good story, but you'll have learned something too.

Rating: 4 flowers

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Book Review: Million Dollar Marriage Merger

Author: Charlene Sands
Title: Million Dollar Marriage Merger
Publisher: Silhoutte Desire
Publish Date: May 2010
Buy: Amazon
Book Blurb: He'd kept a promise to marry his best friend's widow. But even an obligatory marriage could not diminish the hunger vintner Tony Carlino still felt for Rena Montgomery. Foolishly, he'd walked away from her once before...and she had never forgiven him. As far as she was concerned, no one would be toasting this arrangement anytime soon.

She had married Tony only for the safety his name--and money--would give her, her winery...and her unborn child. Never could she allow herself to reveal the desire she felt for her new husband. For their marriage was meant to be only about business. Neither dared speak one word about love.

Review: Charlene Sands is one of my favorite authors for the Desire line. Million Dollar Marriage Merger takes place in the Napa Valley and centers around two former lovers thrown together after the death of David Montgomery, Tony's best friend and Rena's husband.

I don't usually like stories about second chances when the relationship comes hot on the heals of the death of spouse, especially when it is obvious the spouse was well loved. Charlene finds a way to make this plot work though, and you have to remember this is Harlequin land, which is much like a fairytale. She does it by having David extort a promise from Tony that he would take care of Rena and their unborn child.

Tony lives up to his end of the baragain, and though their is a lot of angst from Rena, the two marry to save her vineyard.

This isn't one of the spicier Desires that I've read. It focuses more on Tony regaining Rena's love and trust and I like that. When the sex comes, it is believable.

Tony is a great hero, in fact, he's the kind of guy, most women would want swooping into their lives. Especially if he could fix our problems the way he did Rena's.

If you have a few hours and are looking for a quick read, this is definitely a good choice.

Rating: 5 flowers

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Book Review: Thursdays At Eight

Author: Debbie Macomber
Title: Thursdays At Eight
Publisher: Mira
Publish Date: June 29, 2010
Buy: Amazon
Book Blurb: Thursday, 8:00 a.m.
Mocha moments, breakfast club!

Every week, these words appear in the calendars of four women. Every week, they meet for breakfast — and to talk, to share the truths they’ve discovered about their lives. To tell their stories. To offer each other encouragement and unfailing support.

Clare has just been through a devastating and unexpected divorce. She’s driven by anger and revenge — until she learns something about her ex-husband that forces her to question her own actions. Forces her to look deep inside for the forgiveness she’s rejected…and the person she used to be.

Elizabeth is a widow, in her late fifties, a successful professional. A woman who’s determined not to waste another second of her life. And if that life should include romantic possibilities — well, why not?

Karen is in her twenties, and she believes these should be the years for taking risks, reaching for your dreams. Her dream is to be an actor. Except that her parents think she should be more like her sister, the very conventional Victoria!

Julia is turning forty this year. Her husband’s career is established, her kids are finally in their teens and she’s just started her own business. Everything’s going according to schedule — until she discovers she’s pregnant. That’s not part of the plan.

Thursdays at Eight

A time to think about lives lived, choices made. A time for friends…

Review: If you ever want to read a book that makes you feel like you are reading about your neighbors, pick up a Debbie Macomber book. This woman really knows life.

In Thursdays at Eight we meet four very different women at different points in their lives. In the year she takes us through, we get to see how they change and grow, but most of all we see their friendship.

The friendship is really what ties this book together. Sure this book could be about 4 women, but having them get together for breakfast every Thursday morning as a ritual they kept up as a result of a journal writing class is wonderful.

I instantly wanted to know these women. I wanted friendship like that. This isn't the "Friends" kind of friendship. It is more the "I know your heart and soul" kind of friendship.

There were so many ups and downs in the book; Liz falling for Dr. Sean Jamison; Clare dealing with her ex-husband and his cancer, Karen and her family/work issues and Julia and her pregnancy.

Nothing comes easy for any of them, but hey! that's how it is in real life. That's another thing I love about Debbie's books, they feel like a page out of life. She gives us the good and bad, and then ties it up with a bow for a happy ending.

This isn't a romance...and its not really chicklit....its woman's fiction...emotional fiction...and a fantastic read.

Rating: 5 flowers

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Awesome Book Trailer!

Here is the new book trailer for Stacey Kennedy's Witches Be Dazzled ~ Magic & Mayhem Book Two.  The book will be out in 2012.

Have a look! It is super sexy!

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Slow Reading Month

I just don't have anytime to sit down with my books this month. That makes me sad, because I've got so much I want to read. The books are literally piling up around me!!!

But the holiday is coming and the house needs cleaned, shopping needs done, and my dad was in the hospital there are more doctor's appointments etc to be dealing with.

(insert sigh here)

I feel like I'm being pulled by both arms...and very soon I'm going to snap in two.

Here's hoping I get some books read over the weekend in my downtime.

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Guest Post: Lauren Hawkeye w/Giveaway

Thanks for having me!

Often I am asked how I came up with my pen name. I will admit that it is a pretty unusual last name, but I'm lucky-- I didn't have to come up with it at all. I first published under my maiden name, and so that is what I still use. I often wonder what name I would have chosen if I had considered using one... or what I will choose if I ever use one in the future. I know that authors who have very long names, or name sthat are hard to pronounce, are often asked by their publishers to choose something more generic. And authors who have very generic names are sometimes asked to think of a name that is more unique. There are other considerations as well-- which authors will your book be next to on the shelf? Is there another author out there already with a name similar to yours? What will the name look like on the book cover? Do you need a new pen name for every publisher that you write for?

There are some author names that I find very memorable-- Jenesi Ash, Sunny, Nalini Singh, Gena Showalter. I'm not entirely sure why they stick in my mind. Are they unique? Do they look pretty on a cover? Do I just like their books and as such think that I like their names, too? There are also one or two names that make me cringe and wonder what on earth a publisher was thinking by allowing them to be used on a book cover.

What are some of the more memorable author names that you have seen?
The Erotic Me Series

By Lauren Hawkeye

Pub date: September 1, 2011

ISBN: 978-1-426-87894-7

Evie may feel like she doesn’t measure up to her prettier, younger sister, but she still knows what she wants—Lucas, her cousin’s sexy roommate. She’s dreamed about being with him for a long time, and on the sweltering night of her sister’s wedding, it’s clear he shares her lust. Now Evie is determined to take what she desires—even if it’s just for one night….

Book One of Lauren Hawkeye’s Erotic Me series.


By Lauren Hawkeye

Pub date: October 1, 2011

ISBN: 978-1-426-88547-1

Barbara always thought of Ethan as her little brother’s annoying best friend, and she was sure he just considered her his friend’s nerdy big sister. Until the hot night after her brother’s wedding. Alone in the heat, it’s clear Ethan sees her in a way she never saw herself: as a sexy, sensual woman. And for the first time, Barbara feels ready to break free from the painful memories that have haunte her for too long—by exploring her passion for Ethan…

Book two of Lauren Hawkeye’s Erotic Me series.

Lead Me On

By Lauren Hawkeye

Publish Date November 1, 2011

ISBN: 978-1-426-88550-1

Linda doesn’t know why she agreed to attend an old friend’s wedding, or the after party where she encounters her old flame, Eric. She’s as attracted to him now as she was in college…and even more aroused when she meets his captivating friend Nate.

Unlikely as it seems, Linda can’t deny the two sexy men are interested in her—and that she wants them both, too. She’s determined to follow the night through with them, wherever it may lead…

Book three of Lauren Hawkeye’s Erotic Me series.

Let Me In

By Lauren Hawkeye

Pub Date: December 2011

ISBN: 978-1-426-88553-2

Imogen hasn’t had sex with her husband, Ty, in over a year. She’s still as attracted to him as ever, but they’ve both been looking for something new to renew their desire for one another. Yet she never thought to find it at a friend’s wedding when another couple invites them to share their bed. Ty is obviously aroused by the idea and the thought of a ménage thrills Imogen to her core. Could this be the key to rekindling their passion…and can Imogen go through with it?

Book four of Lauren Hawkeye’s Erotic Me series.

Lauren Hawkeye is a writer, theatre enthusiast, knitting aficionado and animal lover who lives in the shadows of the great Rocky Mountains of Alberta, Canada.

She’s older than she looks—really—and younger than she feels—most of the time—and she loves to explore the journeys that take women through life in her stories.!/Lauren_Hawkeye

Bewitching Book Tours Book Review: Lean On Me

Author: Lauren Hawkeye
Title: Lead Me On
Publisher: Spice
Publish Date: Nov 1, 2011
Review Copy Provided By: Bewitching Book Tours & the author
Book Blurb: Linda doesn’t know why she agreed to attend an old friend’s wedding, or the after party where she encounters her old flame, Eric. She’s as attracted to him now as she was in college…and even more aroused when she meets his captivating friend Nate. Unlikely as it seems, Linda can’t deny the two sexy men are interested in her—and that she wants them both, too. She’s determined to follow the night through with them, wherever it may lead…

Review: Lead Me On is the third story in the Erotic Me series and it is by far the steamiest. This is one of need a shower and a cigarette after you read it kind of stories, that's how hot this one is.

This is the perfect threesome, two hot guys and a girl. 'Bout damn time someone got it right!

This story is really written in the fashion that most old fashioned erotica is written. It is all about sex and there's not a happily ever after that needs to be had at the end. It is all about the pleasure, and Lauren really brings that across in this story. Anis Nin would be proud!

The story is super short, but the encounter between Linda, Nate and Eric is all that it should be and more. Put this story on your Nook, Kindle or other ereader and read it before bed and your dreams will definitely be sweet!

Rating: 5 flowers

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Book Review: All She Wants For Christmas Is Her Dom

Author: Stacey Kennedy
Title: All She Wants For Christmas Is Her Dom
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Publish Date: Nov 25, 2011
Review Copy Provided By: The author
Book Blurb: Madame Eve’s 1NightStand service has brought together Blake and Taryn on a cold Christmas Eve at the Castillo Lodge. The two will set out on an adventure of pain and pleasure surrounded by Alaskan snow-capped mountains and nestled in a warm country lodge. But as the night develops, Taryn discovers it’s not Christmas presents that will surprise her but instead the very man who mastered her through a night of intense BDSM.
WARNING — This book has intense BDSM that some might find objectionable. If you don’t enjoy some serious spanking, rough play, and the use of floggers, among other toys, this story is not for you.
Review: Only Stacey Kennedy could write a story a little more than 20 pages long that can leave readers longing for a cold shower.
All She Wants For Christmas Is Her Dom, is just that kind of story...short but not sweet, in fact it is so hot the pages sizzle from the heat of Taryn and her Dom.
It is amazing how Stacey ties things together for Taryn and Blake, because this story is more than just hot steamy sex, though it does make up a good part of it. This story is also about romance, and there definitely is one between the two characters.
It is hard to believe that all the loose ends got tied up....erm...yeah, that's the write wording, (wink wink, nudge nudge)...because this is a super short story, but Stacey did it.  And you connect with the characters. Even when you don't know who the Dom is, you find yourself liking him.
If you are looking for a hot sexy read and a little BDSM doesn't bother you, grab this story, it is definitely worth it. Oh and read anything Stacey Kennedy writes, because it is sure to be awesome!
Rating: 5 flowers

Friday, November 11, 2011

Guest Post: M.J. Rose Author of The Hypnotist

M.J. Rose
A few years ago I was reading a book about reincarnation and became interested in the ways that people access they’re past life memories. From incense to hallucinogens to hypnosis there were tools people used to help them enter deep meditation which enabled them to access past incarnations.
What if there were twelve ancient memory tools - talismans to help people meditate into a state where they can access their past lives. And what if they’re lost to modern civilization?
And what if I wrote a series of novels – each revolving around the search for one particular memory tool?
In The Reincarnationist the tool is a group of ancient stones with a Sanskrit meditation engraved on their surfaces. In The Memorist the tool is a flute made of human bone that winds up in Beethoven's possession for a time.  In The Hypnotist the took is– well that’s the mystery of the novel.
Behind my memory tools – is the idea that we all have the ability to re-member.  It’s something that I’ve always been fascinated by.
As has bestselling authors Katherine Neville. She has a character in her novel, The Eight, who can “remember the future". A mental phenomenon that many famous seers claim to have possessed. Neville believes, as do I, that we all are capable of some kind of "second sight" or "sixth sense".
Many of us have ourselves – or know people who have experienced the ability to know something is going to happen just before it does. Neville told me about brain research done with electronic recording that show a surge in our frontal lobes shortly before something is about to happen — regardless of how randomly and unpredictably the stimuli may be coming in.
“We don't have a scientific explanation for how this occurs. But who cares how or why it works? It seems to me that if we all possess an important skill like this, instead of trying to find out why or how, we should try to figure out how to develop it for the betterment of our own lives and life on the planet,” Neville said.
She went on to describe something that happens to her that in fact happens to me too – something I don’t often talk about because it can sound a little “out there.”
When I write sometimes I come up with ideas before doing the research that the research then corroborates. Obscure and often odd things. For instance, before I started   The Memorist I came up with the idea of having Beethoven as a character  - and having him interested in Indian philosophy. It was a curious thought. Nothing that watching the movie Immortal Beloved might suggest. And other than seeing the move and hearing his music – I didn’t know anything about him.
And yet when I went to do the research I found he was in fact very interested in it.
Some think these phenomena are part of our cellular memory. Carl Jung believed they are part of our collective unconscious. Hindus and Buddhists believe we’ve lived before and have actual memories of previous lifetimes.
Having written three books exploring this subject, I’m personally not sure – but I remain utterly fascinated.
The Hypnotist Virtual Book Tour Schedule:
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Twitter Event Hashtag: #TheHypnotistVirtualBookTour
SYNOPSIS: Haunted by his inability to stop the murder of a beautiful young painter twenty years ago, Lucian Glass keeps his demons at bay through his fascinating work with the FBI's Art Crime Team. Investigating a crazed collector who's begun destroying prized masterworks, Glass is thrust into a bizarre hostage negotiation that takes him undercover at the Phoenix Foundation—dedicated to the science of past-life study. There, to maintain his cover, he submits to the treatment of a hypnotist.
Under hypnosis, Glass travels from ancient Greece to nineteenth-century Persia, while the case takes him from New York to Paris and the movie while the case takes him from New York to Paris and the movie capital of the world. These journeys will change his very understanding of reality, lead him to question his own sanity and land him at the center of perhaps the most audacious art heist in history: a fifteen-hundred-year-old sculpture the nation of Iran will do anything to recover.
If you need anything further please let me know!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Things I Vow Not To Do in 2012

I keep looking at this blog and my challenges and groaning at how I'm failing miserably at some. I think I signed up for entirely too many and I couldn't keep up...or I found too many books that oddly didn't fit the categories.


I vow that in 2012 I will not go overboard on challenges.

I will also not go nutty about book tours. I've been trying to scale back but there are so many fabulous books out there that I refuse to miss out on.

Still, I want 2012 to be a year of enjoyable reading and not reading on a schedule.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Historical Fiction Book Tours Review: The Hypnotist

Author: M.J. Rose
Title: The Hypnotist
Publisher: Mira
Publish Date: April 2011
Buy: Amazon
Review Copy Provided By: Historical Book Tours and the publisher
Book Blurb: Haunted by his inability to stop the murder of a beautiful young painter twenty years ago, Lucian Glass keeps his demons at bay through his fascinating work with the FBI's Art Crime Team. Investigating a crazed collector who's begun destroying prized masterworks, Glass is thrust into a bizarre hostage negotiation that takes him undercover at the Phoenix Foundation—dedicated to the science of past-life study. There, to maintain his cover, he submits to the treatment of a hypnotist.

Under hypnosis, Glass travels from ancient Greece to nineteenth-century Persia, while the case takes him from New York to Paris and the movie while the case takes him from New York to Paris and the movie capital of the world. These journeys will change his very understanding of reality, lead him to question his own sanity and land him at the center of perhaps the most audacious art heist in history: a fifteen-hundred-year-old sculpture the nation of Iran will do anything to recover.
Review: I discovered this series when the  Past Lives was on Fox and I loved the concept. The books are much better than the show, which is not the case with other books to tv Bones.

M.J. Rose delivers a story that makes you want to keep turning the pages. The characters really jump of the pages. You may not connect with them, but you understand them and their motivations. The Hypnotist is the third book in The Reincarnationist  series, but it definitely can be read as a stand alone book.

What I love about the characters in this book are how well developed they are, every one of them but definitely Lucian and Malachai.  But beyond that, the story itself is unique. Memory Tools that are the key to proving reincarnation...Just Wow!

I guarantee you that if you pick up this book, the other two books will quickly become part of your TBR pile!

Rating: 5 flowers

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