Saturday, November 12, 2011

Book Review: All She Wants For Christmas Is Her Dom

Author: Stacey Kennedy
Title: All She Wants For Christmas Is Her Dom
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Publish Date: Nov 25, 2011
Review Copy Provided By: The author
Book Blurb: Madame Eve’s 1NightStand service has brought together Blake and Taryn on a cold Christmas Eve at the Castillo Lodge. The two will set out on an adventure of pain and pleasure surrounded by Alaskan snow-capped mountains and nestled in a warm country lodge. But as the night develops, Taryn discovers it’s not Christmas presents that will surprise her but instead the very man who mastered her through a night of intense BDSM.
WARNING — This book has intense BDSM that some might find objectionable. If you don’t enjoy some serious spanking, rough play, and the use of floggers, among other toys, this story is not for you.
Review: Only Stacey Kennedy could write a story a little more than 20 pages long that can leave readers longing for a cold shower.
All She Wants For Christmas Is Her Dom, is just that kind of story...short but not sweet, in fact it is so hot the pages sizzle from the heat of Taryn and her Dom.
It is amazing how Stacey ties things together for Taryn and Blake, because this story is more than just hot steamy sex, though it does make up a good part of it. This story is also about romance, and there definitely is one between the two characters.
It is hard to believe that all the loose ends got tied up....erm...yeah, that's the write wording, (wink wink, nudge nudge)...because this is a super short story, but Stacey did it.  And you connect with the characters. Even when you don't know who the Dom is, you find yourself liking him.
If you are looking for a hot sexy read and a little BDSM doesn't bother you, grab this story, it is definitely worth it. Oh and read anything Stacey Kennedy writes, because it is sure to be awesome!
Rating: 5 flowers


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