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Book Review: The Theory Of Opposites W/Giveaway

Author: Allison Winn Scotch
Title: The Theory Of Opposites
Publisher: Camellia Press
Publish Date: Nov 12, 2013
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Review Copy Provided By: The Publisher in exchange for an honest review
Blurb: Willa Chandler-Golden and Shawn Golden, aka “Shilla,” are perfectly comfortable. As a couple they do EVERTHING together. They never argue. There aren’t any over-arching marital issues. They’re even trying for a baby. But when Willa spots a credit card receipt to a trendy Manhattan club in Shawn’s wallet, she senses that something is awry with her handsome but nerdy better half.

Soon after her discovery, her neat house of cards collapses at rapid speed. Willa is fired from her job. She learns that her tween nephew is moving in. Her Yogi-to-the-Stars brother is indicted for a Ponzi scheme. Her best friend Vanessa gets the best writing gig on the hottest new reality show Dare You! And a former boyfriend has requested to be friended on Facebook . . . but that’s just the tip of the iceberg: Shawn announces—with a list of rules— that he wants a two month “break” from the marriage.

Is this her destiny or can Willa change the topsy-turvy direction of her life? According to her father—the author of the bestselling Is It Really Your Choice? Why Your Entire Life May Be Out of Your Control—you can’t escape the inevitable. It’s a thesis that Willa doubts, but one that’s controlled her life and has kept her in the safe cocoon of inertia.

Prodded by Vanessa, Willa signs on to help write The Theory of Opposites, a book that contradicts her father’s premise. Willa becomes a guinea pig for the book’s concept when she is dared by Vanessa to step out from behind her father’s shadow to live her life and take chances.

Will Willa be brave enough to get out of her own way and write her own map to a rewarding life?

Review:  This was such an out there book. Its a whole lotta crazy, but it is really a fun read. Willa (William) is a character that you may grow frustrated with, but you will love anyway. I can't begin to count the times I wanted to reach into the pages to slap her and tell her to grow a pair!

However with the crazy family she has and the book that her father wrote that basically states that you can't do anything to change the way your life will be, you might as well get stuck in a rut...but then things start snowballing..she loses her job, she finds out her husband was at a wine bar when he was supposed to be with the guys....and an ex wants to re-connect.

What really makes this book is her family. I know I sound all fangirly, but OMG they are so WEIRD! Her sister is an attorney who doesn't really seem to enjoy her job and her brother is a Jen Aniston, Halle Berry and Lady Gaga! He's nuts and he's about to be indicted for running a ponzi scheme with his mentor!

Ah the drama!

And it only gets worse when her bff gets a new job and wants to write a book debunking her father's book. With Willa's help.

That's really when the fun starts and slowly  but surely Willa starts to come to life.

Now if I were Willa (whose real name is William) I would have already been in jail for killing one my parents for my first name.

And if I didn't kill someone then...I would've at least gone slightly postal on Shawn. OMG..what an idiot/jerk/asshat!  The rules of their 2 month situation would have had any normal woman walking straight to the nearest divorce attorney!

But it is that 2 month separation period that makes up the most fun part of the story...and her ex-Theo..I will go all fangirly here...I loved him.

Oh and because I see Doctor all things...I had to giggle when the premise of the book Vanessa and Willa were working on was about Turning Left.....which means basically what if you turned left instead of right...if you do the opposite of what you think you should do. Hence The Theory of Opposites.

I also loved how Willa's mother broke away from the fold and found life and love without her crazy husband!

This is definitely a great read for those looking for something a little less ordinary!

Rating: 4 flowers

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