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Great Escapes Book Tours Book Review: Dying For The Past

Author: TJ O'Connor
Title: Dying for the Past
Publisher: Midnight Ink
Publish Date: Jan 8, 2015
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Book Blurb: 
Dying is not for the faint of heart . . . . . . Neither is the murder of a mysterious philanthropist with ties to the Russian mob and 1939 gangsters. At an A-list charity ball organized by his wife, Angela, former detective Oliver “Tuck” Tucker is doing his best to prove that ghosts know how to have a good time—until a man is murdered in cold blood on the dance floor. Never one to let a mystery go unsolved, Tuck is on the case with help from Angela and his former police-detective partners. Together, they must be the first to read “the book”—deceased gangster Vincent Calabrese’s journal that names names and reveals the dirty secrets of several modern-day spies.

As Tuck learns the book’s secrets, he begins to unravel his own family’s wayward past, leading to the question—is being a ghost hereditary? Even while chasing a killer, the biggest challenge Tuck must conquer is how to be back amongst the living . . .  but not one of them.


Review: How can you not like a cozy mystery where your sleuth is a ghost? The answer is, that it is impossible. Dying for the Past is the 2nd book in the Gumshoe Ghost Mysteries.  It can be read as a stand alone novel, but reading the first book probably would have been helpful, but I'm a renegade, so I didn't and I still thoroughly enjoyed the book.

I loved how this book blended the past with the present. Not to mention that Tuck is a ghost., I did mention that right?When there's a murder at a charity gala that his wife is involved with Tuck needs to help solve the case. Oddly that case involves a mobster with ties to 1939.

This book moved at a really fast pace which is perfect when it comes to a mystery. I hate when there is too much down time in these types of books. I loved the characters and how well fleshed out they were, erm, even when they didn't have flesh anymore.

If you are looking for a mystery that is a little different, you have to try this one!!

Rating: 5 flowers

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Brooke Showalter said...

This is such a great series! Thanks for sharing your review!

Tj O'Connor said...

Thanks all for the review and those visiting this site. I hope you all enjoy the book! When you're done reading, feel free to drop me a note via the email address on my web site. Enjoy! Tj O'Connor

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