Monday, August 10, 2015

End Of Summer Blog Tour Guest Post: Christie Ridgway

Summer Crushes
by USA TODAY bestselling author Christie Ridgway
Have you ever had a summer crush?
My very first was my swimming instructor when I was seven years old. Every year I would take a few weeks of lessons from the Red Cross that were taught by high school students. Before I’d always had girl instructors, but this time, it was a boy. I even remember his name—Matt. I nearly drowned trying to impress him with my ability to hold my breath and I worked so hard for his smile and approval!
My next summer crush occurred when I was twelve and I had a private tennis instructor. (My dad had great hopes, and I had my eye on this cute guy.) Again, he was perfect crush material. Not only did he have glossy black hair, he had a car, and he picked me up in it to drive me to the courts for my lessons. I hoped people thought we were on a date…yes, I had a great imagination even then.
My last summer crush broke my heart. I fell in love between eighth grade and high school, this time with a boy my own age. I’d known him for years, but suddenly he seemed…different. He crushed right back and we had a summer of holding hands at the park with the occasional movie with a big group of friends thrown in. Then…wait for it…he and his parents moved hundreds of miles away at the end of August. We were crushed (pun intended).
In my latest Cabin Fever novel, hero Brett Walker has spent the sunny season surreptitiously watching the woman who lives at one of the estates that employs his landscape company…and he’s reluctantly attracted.

Brett didn’t think the young woman did anything but dream up ways to torture him. When he arrived to work on the grounds, she’d come outside wearing radiant smiles and little sundresses.
She was evil like that.

Angelica Rodriguez feels the pull as well, but is intimidated by the man.

There he was, thirtyish, muscled and a bit threatening-looking, even though in the darkness she could only see his bulk and not those very fascinating scars on his face. One slashed through his brow to his hairline. Another crossed the bridge of his nose.
Angelica had never found the courage to ask him about them.

She considers him her summer crush and has hopes her feelings will fade as autumn arrives, but there’s more in store for these two lonely hearts! Read Can’t Fight This Feeling to find out if a crush can become so much more.

Do you have a summer crush story? Share with us in the comment section below!

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holdenj said...

One of my favorite parts of the end of summer is reaping the benefits of all those veggie plants I've been coddling for two months! Thanks!

Ada said...

My favorite part to the end of summer is the beginning of the colder months and the start of hockey season :) I'm a winter baby at heart!

Anita H. said...

One of my favorite parts to the end of summer is the start of school again!

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