Thursday, December 3, 2015

TLC Book Tours Book Review: Daughter of Sand and Stone

About Daughter of Sand and Stone

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing (December 1, 2015)
When Zenobia takes control of her own fate, will the gods punish her audacity?
Zenobia, the proud daughter of a Syrian sheikh, refuses to marry against her will. She won’t submit to a lifetime of subservience. When her father dies, she sets out on her own, pursuing the power she believes to be her birthright, dreaming of the Roman Empire’s downfall and her ascendance to the throne.
Defying her family, Zenobia arranges her own marriage to the most influential man in the city of Palmyra. But their union is anything but peaceful—his other wife begrudges the marriage and the birth of Zenobia’s son, and Zenobia finds herself ever more drawn to her guardsman, Zabdas. As war breaks out, she’s faced with terrible choices.
From the decadent halls of Rome to the golden sands of Egypt, Zenobia fights for power, for love, and for her son. But will her hubris draw the wrath of the gods? Will she learn a “woman’s place,” or can she finally stake her claim as Empress of the East?
“Richly detailed and meticulously researched—Libbie Hawker brings the ancient world vibrantly to life.” —Kate Quinn, national bestselling author of Lady of the Eternal City
“Libbie Hawker writes exquisitely layered historical novels with a deft, fresh voice. Her heroines are at once powerful and completely real, and she draws them with both compassion and a keen sense of observation of human nature.” —V. M. Black, New York Times bestselling author
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Review: Sometimes you can write a long review describing  how wonderful the book is. This book isn't like that.  Not because the book isn't wonderful, because it is, but because this book just left me with a feeling of Wow!
When I read historical fiction I tend to read stories set in Europe and involving Queens and Kings. I seldom go back in time this far, but there was something about this story that caught my eye and my interest.  Maybe it is because I've been watching a lot of shows on the History Channel about ancient Egypt. 
I like how strong Zenobia was. She can only be described as badass, and there aren't many women in ancient times that can have that word used to describe them. Well, besides the obvious, Cleopatra.
I have no words on this book except that if you like ancient history this is a wonderfully written story.

Rating: 5 flowers


Heather J @ TLC Book Tours said...

This is the kind of book that you just want to hand to people and say "read this now!" I'm looking forward to doing just that.

Thanks for being a part of the tour!

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