Wednesday, March 16, 2016

TLC Book Tours Book Review: The Lightening Round

Author: Bruce Stuart
Title: The Lightening Round
Publisher: Serial Teller
Publish Date: July 8, 2015
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Book Blurb: 
The blockbuster SerialTeller serial THE LIGHTENING ROUND is now a novel. In THE LIGHTENING ROUND, Hannah More, a sassy single mom with weight issues, reluctantly enters Ultimate Level, a San Francisco gym which groups its members based on their weight and fitness levels. Much to her shock, Hannah actually finds that this crazy "fitness experience" works well for her. That is, until she falls for another gym member who is on a different level. Ultimate Level's rigidly enforced policies only allow its members to communicate with members on different levels in person for 15 minutes every two weeks both inside and outside of the gym. Hannah will have to come up with some rather ingenious and comic schemes in order to land the romance of her dreams.

Review:  I've been reading a lot of really deep, books lately. I was really glad to read this one. I was told before going into this one that it wasn't a sweet romance, and I was ok with that. Oddly, I found this book to be something like a dystopian chick lit. Does that even exist?

Hannah is an interesting heroine. She starts out as the typical fat girl that shows up in these books. She is food focused and doesn't really want to try to lose weight. She has a rather good looking, user boyfriend that she's co-dependent on.

Her relationship with Luke made me want to shake her, because he was such a jerk, for lack of a better word.

Her gay bff gets her to check out the Ultimate Level fitness experience. This is where the dystopian part comes in for me. This place segregates the members on fitness levels and members on each level are discouraged from communicating with one another. WTF? Their lives including interactions are tracked by a bracelet called a Reveal and every so often they can level up at a Gate.

The fitness instructors are kind of evil, especially Missy, who has it in for her. This woman is a Beoytch with a capital B.

I loved watching Hannah's progress at Ultimate Level. This book was full of emotion and just a fun overall read.

If you are looking for some light fun reading, this is definitely worth your time.

Rating: 5 flowers


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