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TLC Book Tours Book Review: Sophie's Path

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About Sophie’s Path (Shores of Indian Lake)

• Publisher: Harlequin Heartwarming (July 1, 2016)
Her choice. His consequences.
Nurse Sophie Mattuchi has seen a lot of angry patients in the ER, but no one’s ever rattled her like Jack Carter. He has no right to blame her for his friend’s death. Sophie did everything she could. Didn’t she? Yet his accusations sting, and that sets off all kinds of internal alarms. She’s never cared this much about any man’s opinion of her. But Jack is different. He stirs up feelings. Strong feelings. Guilt. Anger. Attraction. Curiosity. Sympathy. Sophie’s definitely not interested in Jack, but even if she was, he’d never forgive her for the decision she made that night in the hospital. Would he?
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Review: This is the first book by Catherine Lanigan that I've read.It is a part of the Harlequin Heartwarming mini-series Shores of Indian Lake. Its the 6th book from that mini-series, so from what I've heard from other readers you get to revisit other characters from past stories here.

I liked Sophie and I felt sorry for her at the beginning when Jack was being less than kind towards her. He missed out on the Hippocratic oath.

This is a story about small town life and about two people that are trying to better themselves and change themselves.

This book really is the epitome of what "Heartwarming" means. 

What I love about Heartwarming romances and this book in particular are how they are more than just romances. You have real life issues here. They are sweet and clean, but they have issues that don't involve billionaires and sheikhs. (Not that I don't love those stories, too, but sometimes you like to read something that feels a bit more real)

Sophie and Jack feel real and the dog....oh my god the dog. Frenchie was so sweet in the story.

I liked how Sophie and Jack slowly come together through her work helping addicts. Sophie is truly a woman with a huge heart. The side story with her as Jeremy's sponsor was beautiful and heartbreaking. Trust me, you'll shed some tears over this young man. I wanted a happy ending for him, more than I did for Sophie and Jack.

Most of the time, this book didn't feel like a romance, as that seemed very secondary to what this book really was about which was addiction.

Jack was a character with issues of his own. Where Sophie was doing all she could to improve herself and make a difference in the world, he was dealing with his own demons and guilt for an accident that caused the death of his assistant.

Both characters did a lot of growing in this story and they both did end up better people in the end.

This was a lovely story and one you wont want to miss.

Rating: 5 flowers


Catherine Lanigan said...

Andrea, God bless you! You are so on the nose with this one. More than just a romance our Heartwarming books, for me, anyway, are very much like "women's fiction" some tough issues, and hard decisions to be made by both the hero and heroine.

Starting with Sophie's Path, I intend to write a "mini series" within my series about drugs, addiction, and the drug traffickers. It is real and a major issue in the lives of millions of Americans and humans around the world.

I applaud you. I would love for you to read the next book in this series.

God bless and take care,

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