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Pump Up Your Book Book Review: Wooing The Wedding Planner

Author: Amber Leigh Williams
Publisher: Harlequin (Superromance)
Pages: 380
Genre: Series Romance/Contemporary
No more
wedding marches for her! 

planner Roxie Honeycutt can make happy-ever-after come true for anyone except
herself. Freshly divorced and done with love, she's okay with watching clients
walk down the aisle. What's not okay? Sharing a charming Victorian house with
accountant Byron Strong. He's frustratingly sexy and determined to keep her

Roxie thought Byron's expertise was
numbers, yet somehow he sees her for who she really is. Somehow he understands
the hurt she hides behind a trademark smile. Suddenly romance is tempting
again, even if it means risking another heartbreak.


Book Excerpt:
What was wrong with the old Roxie?”

His words stuck with her. And his kiss.

It was difficult to forget a kiss like that, especially
coming from someone…well, someone like Byron. Roxie had spent more time than
she’d like to admit trying not to think about the kiss – about how sweet it
was. She’d forgotten kisses could be so sweet. She’d tried extra hard to forget
how his lips had lingered. And how in lingering he’d awakened starbursts inside
her. Starbursts of eternity.

She frowned deeply. Being touched…it had been so long
since she had
really been touched. The hollowness in her had turned into a resounding
ache, and for a few moments she’d thought about bringing Byron’s mouth back
down to hers. For a few moments, she’d craved more than his companionship.
She’d craved the contact. The promise of heat that came with it.

But had she wanted it – had she wanted him – for the single reason
that heat could erode loneliness? There was trust there. There was affection.
For those small starbursts of eternity, there had been longing and the promise
of flame. It had been too long since she’d felt the sheer, electrical pulse of
new chemistry.

Why had Byron’s kiss made it seem like so long since
she’d felt the flame? The passion?
Book Review: Always a wedding planner, never a bride. I love wedding planner romances. But this wasn't really one of those. This wedding planner has fallen for a house, but when she tours the house they find a man shaving. 
Roxie is the wedding planner who had a bad divorce and now doesn't think happily ever after is for her and Byron, the shaving guy, is a widower, who doesn't want to do marriage again, cos well death parted him from his wife.

Of course they start to fall in love.

What sets this story apart from other romances is that Byron and Roxie have a history, but their past is keeping them from finding happiness with each other. Its easy to see early on that they really have feelings for each other, but Roxie can't seem to get over Richard, who had an affair with her sister. I wanted to shake her because if any man slept with my sister I would be rid of him, and her.

Byron believes something his father told him about Strongs having a one true love, yet these two click and they always manage to screw things up. The screw things up a lot. I couldn't quite understand why she wanted to see if things could have been patched up with Richard.

I loved watching the relationship between these two grow. They had great banter and I love stories with Greek families. I always have and Byron's family is just perfect. I loved every one of them.

Roxie's family, however was awful. I felt sorry for her, having the mother and sisters that she did. I would have run away from home if I were her.

A great easy read for a quiet weekend

Rating: 5 flowers

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    About the Author

    Amber Leigh Williams is a Harlequin romance writer who
    lives on the US Gulf Coast. She lives for beach days, the smell of real
    books, and spending time with her husband and their two
    young children. When she’s not keeping up with
    rambunctious little ones (and two large dogs), she can usually be
    found reading a good book or indulging her inner foodie. Amber is
    represented by the D4EO Literary Agency.


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