Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guest Post: Amber Scott

Five Things On Amber Scott’s Desk:

People magazine asks celebrities to dump out their purse and reveal the dark secrets inside. But readers? Readers aren’t interested in an author’s purse so much as in their desk. What are the little items that breathe life into the spark of an idea? Ignore the mess and take a peek at what’s on my, Amber Scott’s, desk right now…

1. Magic 8 Ball: I love, love, LOVE the Magic 8 Ball! I ask it all sorts of questions and do so often. Should I skip doing the dishes? Will dinner cook itself? Is a million dollar check in the mail? Do I ask it about a plot line? Well, I haven’t yet. So far, each of my story’s characters do a really good job of telling me their tale. Also, getting “ask again later” may not be the decisive encouragement I’ll need. Plus, I see the Magic 8 Ball as a ‘get out of writing block free’ card. I won’t abuse it. But if I need to, I will use it!

2. Grow A Pair!: I have this favorite quote framed. For several years my career coach and I have emailed each other words of encouragement and support so when I got an email from her with just these three words, I laughed but figured, hey, great motivator. Two seconds later, she resent the email as a link to a really funny commercial. We had a good laugh about my mistake and to this day it’s one of our favorites when doubt comes a-knocking.

3. Spell Cards: For Irish Moon in particular, I enjoyed laying cards out and reading them in relationship to the plot and characters. In combination with the music of Enya, it really gets me in the mood for magic and mayhem. My favorite spell is the spell of protection. It takes me back to those fierce but confusing emotions Ashlon stirs in Breanne.

4. Wishing Rock: Hand in hand, walking down the beach on a stormy autumn day with my husband, a black stone caught my eye. I picked it up and rubbed it. I immediately loved its weight in my palm, the way it spooned into the hollow of my hand and the grainy texture under my thumb when I rubbed it. I made it my wishing rock and every time I wish on it, I imagine it’s imbued with the energy of my dreams.

5. My iPod: Like a lot of writers, I create playlists for every book. Music speaks to me at a soul level. Florence and The Machine, The Temper Trap, Enya, Muse, TV on the Radio, Vampire Weekend, Ke$ha. The list goes on and on. I love the way a song can rip open my heart and force me to feel things I didn’t know possible. When I write, that is what I hope to create and songs carry me through every scene and emotion.

Thanks for taking a peek, and please pardon the mess! It’s hard to clear the clutter when a new story is whispering in my ear. Enchanted Moon, Irish Moon’s sequel is right now. Ah, Quinlan, you’ve stolen my heart.

Thank you for stopping by Amber and sharing what's on your desk! I'm not telling what's on mine, because it is too messy!

Also remember:

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Amber Scott Books said...

I asked the Magic 8 Ball if you totally rock and it said, Count On It!
Thanks so much for guesting me!!

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