Thursday, March 31, 2011

March 2011 Recap Post

I'm not expecting this to be a good month for books. My dad was in the hospital for 8 days this month and I spent more time running back and forth to Mon Valley Hospital so he wouldn't be alone, then reading. I have discovered a new love for stupid games though. Thank you, Angry Birds!

1. Susan Meissner - Lady In Waiting  3/30/2011
2. Bronwyn Scott - A Thoroughly Compromised Lady  3/28/2011
3. Laura Kreitzner - Soul Stalker 3/21/2011
4. E.D. Walker - The Beauty's Beast  3/19/2011
5. Jemima Valentino - His Elle (novella) 3/17/2011
6. Amber Scott - Irish Moon 3/16/2011
7. Patricia Cornwell - Predator 3/10/2011
8. Lyndsay Buroker - The Emperor's Edge 3/3/2011
9. Becca Dale - Untameable (novella) 3/2/2011

I should finish Heather Wardell's Life Love and a Polar Bear Tattoo sometime today so that should take up to 8 books and 2 novellas for the month.

Here's how this shapes up challenge wise

Ebook challenge
6 ebooks for a total of 17. My goal is woo hoo for me

Historical Fiction
3 books. My goal is 20, so I have a little bit to go there.

Mystery and Suspense
1 book for a total of 2. The goal is 12, I'm one book behind right now.

Historical Romance
2 books. My goal is 12 again, one book behind.

I didn't read anything for the Vampire Challenge, the Young Adult Challenge or the Book Blogger Recommendation Challenge. If I finish the Heather Wardell book, I'll have 1 book towards the Show Me The Free Challenge.

I'm 28 books total for the year...with my goal being 180. I'm behind. That total includes the novellas, which I'm not sure should count.


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