Friday, May 27, 2011

Armchair BEA: Book Blogging

It is the last day of Armchair BEA!


Today's topic is Book Blogging!

I've discussed before how I really started book blogging. It was an easier way for me than goodreads to keep track of what books I've read.  I've only been book blogging for about a year. But I've changed my blog quite a bit from the start, because I've learned things.  Here are some of my tips.

~ When posting book reviews try to stick to a specific format. I try to include the book cover, author, title and publishing info, as well as a blurb and a book link before my review.

~ Rating a book is really up to the blogger. Some people choose not to. I know I find it hard to rate books between 1 - 5, which is a typical rating scale. I don't think this is absolutely necessary.

~ If you are truly serious about book blogging, try to have a post a day, but hey, life interrupts us sometime and that can't happen. Don't sweat it.

~ It is not necessary to have a super sweet looking blog design to be a great book blogger, though let's face it, we all want one. I was lucky that a friend bought me my design for Christmas last year. Before that, I had a very plain design.

~ Don't make memes the focus of you book blog. There's an meme a day out there. I even have one..that's more a personal feature for me, but don't make memes what your blog is all about.

~ Be yourself. Don't blog or review for other people. Blog because you love doing it. Blog because you love books.

~ Don't be obsessed with followers.  If you start obsessing about things like that, I guarantee that your blog will become less fun for you and more like work, and don't we all do enough of that?

That's all I can think of now. Book Blogging should be fun and it should be a celebration of all the great books that are out there, old and new!


joemmama said...

Really good advice! I hope all new bloggers get the chance to see this.

Daphne said...

Great tips! Have a great weekend.

Robyn Johnson said...

Hi, All these tips are wonderful but I think the most important one is "Be yourself."
Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

Beverly said...

I too love blogging - sometimes I feel overwhelmed, but I figure I can get done when I get done. I try to give realistic timeframes for my reviews - that way it's still fun.

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