Saturday, December 29, 2012

Romance Reading Challenge 2013

Without further ado, here are the rules:

1. The challenge runs from January 1st, 2013 through December 31st, 2013.

2. "Romance" isn't limited to steamy Harlequin novels. There is a huge selection of books in this category such as contemporary romance, historical romance, romantic suspense and paranormal romance to name a few. As long as the story has romantic love between the two main characters your selection will fit this challenge. The novels do not need to have a happy ending either, there can also be unrequited love.

3. Choose at least 5 novels to read. You can change your choices at any time. Crossovers between other challenges are fine.

All kinds of books count, ebooks and audiobooks too. If you are looking for suggested reading see Best Romance Novels Today or Romance Novels on Wiki or check out Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

I read a lot of romance so I know I'll be doing more than just 5, but here are 4 I know I'll be reading.


1. Robin Bielman - Yours At Midnight
2. Jessica Hart - Hitched
3. Diann Hunt - Bittersweet Surrender
4. June Kramin - I'll Try To Behave Myself
5. Rosalind James - Just For Now
6. Victoria Alexander - The Importance of Being Wicked
7. Kimberly Lang - The Downfall Of A Good Girl 
8. Beth Andrews - The Talk Of The Town
9. Christine Ridgway - Bungalow Nights
10. Aubrie Dionne - Playing The Maestro
11. Marcie Kremer - The Torch In The Forest 
12. Michelle Willingham - Undone By The Duke



The Bookworm said...

Welcome to the Romance Reading Challenge :) Happy reading!

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