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Bewitching Book Tours Book Review & Interview: The Miss Education Of Dr. Exeter

Today we are welcoming Jillian Stone to the blog for a little Q & A!

What made you want to become a writer? I’ve always enjoyed telling stories. Whether the story is in a photograph or a painting, a TV commercial, film or novel. My favorite kind of story is a suspenseful, adventure love story.

When you aren't writing, what are you doing?  I’m either writing, or promoting my latest release or I’m at the gym––the glamorous life of a writer. Since I am venturing into indie publishing this year, I will be even busier. I guess it keeps me out of trouble.

What is your favorite thing about writing steampunk?  The gadgets and the fabulous Victorian wardrobe! The Gentlemen of Scotland Yard detectives are the Victorian equivalent of James Bond characters––complete with futuristic vehicles, devices and gadgetry. In the Phaeton Black Paranormal Investigator series, I play with all of the steampunk elements including alternate world time travel, plus––I get to add creatures!

How do you plot out your series like "Paranormal Investigator" and "The Gentlemen Of Scotland Yard?" When I begin a series, I have a sense of the scope of the world and the cast of characters. The first book of the series, The Seduction of Phaeton Black was more of a prequel to the series. In book one, I introduce Phaeton Black, and his paramour, America Jones, Dr. Exeter and Mia and Mr. Ping––the powerful transsexual shapeshifter. There is only a teaser about the Gentlemen Shades, the arcane cadre of uniquely talented wizards and warlocks who monitor 1889 London as well as an alternate world––a more contemporary London.

In the subsequent novels, The Moonstone and Miss Jones and The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter, I have begun to develop the dramatic threads of a much larger story­­––the adversarial and sometimes warring factions of both worlds.

Who is your favorite character from the "Paranormal Investigator" series? Phaeton has to be my favorite character. He’s outrageously sexy, funny––he is also one of my most misunderstood characters. Edvar the Sneaky is another favorite. Edvar is a smallish, gargoyle-like creature, who has been with Phaeton since he was a child––it’s kind of a boy and his dog relationship, although Edvar is somewhat more mercurial than a pup and Phaeton often finds him annoying.

There are certain periods in history that seem more popular than others when it comes to novels. What is it about the Victorian era that drew you to the time period? And why do you think its a period readers love to revisit?  I chose the late Victorian era because its such a dynamic period. The modern world that we live in today is just beginning to emerge. The industrial revolution is in high gear, women’s right’s––particularly the right to vote, is a huge issue. Fantastic inventions and scientific discoveries––like, the light bulb! A huge shift is upon the world, and I find that very romantic and exciting.

The covers for the "Paranormal Investigator" series are stunning and sensual. How much input do you get on your cover art? No input––none. Those covers are all Kensington. I’m always stunned when people tell me how much they like the covers of  Paranormal Investigator series, because I cried for three days when I saw the cover of The Seduction of Phaeton Black. Phaeton is such a sexy, smart, unique character he needed a cover that did him justice––sorry! I like the cover of The Moonstone and Miss Jones best––that one is actually pretty sexy, and Phaeton and America Jones look really cute together.

What are you currently working on? I am writing an erotic contemporary novel. Book one in my Englishmen in New York series. I will also have a new Gentlemen of Scotland Yard book out in late fall if this year. Sometime in 2014, there will be more Phaeton Black, Paranormal Investigator books, I have several ways to take the story. In fact, there could be a series spin off, which means two series! 

Who is your favorite author? My favorite author at the moment is Sue Mink Kidd, author of The Secret Life of Bees.

What book are you currently reading? Hidden Order by Brad Thor. In order to write good thrillers, it’s important to read them ;)

Author: Jillian Stone
Title: The Miss Education Of Dr. Exeter
Publisher: Kensington
Publish Date: June 25, 2013
Buy: Amazon
Review Copy Provided By: Net Galley
Book Blurb: Plunge deeper into the curious world of the deadly Nightshades.

The Moonstone is having a destabilizing effect on the time/space membrane leaving Phaeton trapped in a parallel mirror world where everything is opposite or upside down, yet oddly the same. He is held captive by Domina Valour and tested sorely in this darkly sensual third episode of the Phaeton Black series.

Gaspar Sinclair can't go after Phaeton. His physical body is unraveling before everyone's eyes. America Jones is large with child, but only she has the preternatural ability to locate Phaeton and bring him back. And Doctor Exeter's beautiful charge, Mia, has her claws in him. Quite literally.

To accomplish Phaeton's rescue, the doctor must let loose forces he hasn't the foggiest clue how to control, including his attraction to Mia.

While in the dimension of magnetic opposites, the doctor and Miss Jones attempt to reverse polarity to retrieve Phaeton and stop Gaspar from unraveling. Can America and Phaeton find a way to return together, or will this final test rip them apart forever?

Review: The Miss Education Of Dr. Exeter is the 3rd book in the Paranormal Investigators series. I have to say, it probably shouldn't be read as a stand alone, however I did read it that way, only I wish I hadn't. There were a lot of characters that I really didn't know well.

That didn't stop me from really loving Exeter and Mia and their smoking hot relationship.

Truthfully Mia and Dr. Exeter kept my attention through the whole book and when it was done, I pretty much needed a cold shower.

Mia is a shapeshifter and Dr. Exeter is helping her deal with her shifting. She shifts into a panther and well, Dr. Exeter's name for her when she's in her other form is well...uh yeah..he calls her Pussy. I found that rather amusing. But it isn't the stuff that amuses me that kept me turning the pages, it was how he kept the kitty at bay with orgasms that just left me panting and meowing just a bit.

The chemistry between these two characters is electric.

Mia is such a fantastic heroine. She's younger than Exeter but she's fiesty and she really knows what she wants and she can be pretty demanding.

But it isn't all about sex. One of the best scenes in the book is when she helps America give birth, with some telepathic aid from Exeter.

It was great getting to know these characters, but I'm definitely going to have to read the first two books and probably this one again, so that everything is clear to me.

Rating: 4 flowers

Author Info:  In 2010, Jillian won the RWA Golden Heart for An Affair with Mr. Kennedy and went from no agent or publisher to signing with Richard Curtis and being offered a three book contract by Pocket Books. That summer, she also won the erotica category of the 2010 Romance Through the Ages contest for The Seduction of Phaeton Black and was offered a three book contract by Kensington Brava. Needless to say, she has been busy writing books this past year and a half! Jillian lives in Southern California.
Twitter: @gJillianStone



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