Friday, July 19, 2013

Book Review: Accidents Happen

Author: Louise Millar
Title: Accidents Happen
Publisher: Atria Books
Publish Date: June 25, 2013
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Book Blurb: From Louise Millar, the acclaimed author of The Playdate, comes a gripping psychological thriller where one woman’s streak of bad luck may be something far more sinister. Kate Parker lives her life in a state of heightened anxiety, constantly afraid that something terrible will happen to her and her ten-year-old son, Jack. She obsesses over statistics to make them safe. There’s a reason for Kate’s nervousness. She lost her parents in a freak traffic accident on her wedding night, and her husband Hugo was murdered. It’s time for Kate to move on and start a new life.

When Kate meets Jago, it feels like she’s about to get that new beginning. Soon, though, her doubts return—despite the fact that everyone thinks she’s irrational. But is she imagining things? Or does she have a real reason to worry? After all, accidents happen.

Heralded as “a writer to watch” (Booklist) for her stylishly creepy and accomplished debut, Louise Millar skillfully layers suspense and twists in this taut and deeply suspenseful thriller.

Review: Accidents Happen is a kind of chicklit thriller. Louise Millar writes the story so that the pages turn effortlessly. You are taken into Kate and Jack's world instantly and it is a crazy crazy world.

So many bad things have happened to Kate...her parents were killed on her wedding day, her husband was murdered and so many other little things. Kate suffers anxiety and she uses statistics to help her think she's safe.

Kate is a character that takes some getting to know before you start to feel any emotions for. In fact, for the first part of the book, you like her in laws think she's totally out of her mind and you feel nothing but sorry for her poor little boy that lives in the shadow of her fear. Her paranoia keeps him from enjoying an outdoor sleepover...(though there is a lot more to his fears)

Then a chance meeting with an author in a juice shop gives her a new lease on life. Jago shows her how to put away her fears, but in doing so, she ends up doing things that she wouldn't normally do.

All the while this is happening we know there's someone out there watching her and her son. In fact, you almost think you know what's going to happen.

But you don't.

That's why this book is so fantastic. When you reach the last 40 pages and you release that what you thought was going to happen isn't...your jaw will drop.

This was a wonderfully written and fun book to read. It isn't edge of your seat suspenseful or scary but it is gripping and you won't want to put it down once you get started. She creates characters that you really start to pull for and she gives them complex lives.

Jack is probably the best written child character that I've read in a novel. He comes across as genuine and he's adorable and also almost grown up at times.

Louise Millar is definitely an author to watch

Rating: 5 flowers

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