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TLC Book Tours Book Review: Paris Time Capsule

Author: Ella Carey
Title: Paris Time Capsule
Publisher: Lake Union
Publish Date: May 26, 2015
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Book Blurb: 

New York–based photographer Cat Jordan is ready to begin a new life with her successful, button-down boyfriend. But when she learns that she’s inherited the estate of a complete stranger—a woman named Isabelle de Florian—her life is turned upside down.

Cat arrives in Paris to find that she is now the owner of a perfectly preserved Belle Époque apartment in the ninth arrondissement, and that the Frenchwoman’s family knew nothing about this secret estate. Amid these strange developments, Cat is left with burning questions: Who was Isabelle de Florian? And why did she leave the inheritance to Cat instead of her own family?

As Cat travels France in search of answers, she feels her grasp on her New York life starting to slip. With long-buried secrets coming to light and an attraction to Isabelle de Florian’s grandson growing too intense to ignore, Cat will have to decide what to let go of, and what to claim as her own.

Review:  OMG! This book is so wonderful! I would absolutely love to get a letter saying there was an apartment in Paris with my name on it, an apartment that had been left locked up for years no less.


I liked Cat and was frustrated with her at the same time. I loved how quirky she was, but I couldn't understand how someone that was really such an artsy person would want to be with such a controlling man as Christian. The further I got into the book the more I wanted to shake her and tell her that she had to get out of that relationship.

That's why I loved Loic and his family ties in with the apartment and because of this Cat gets to learn more about the owner of the apartment. As soon as you meet him, you know that there's going to be a triangle of sorts between the two men, and Loic is the exact opposite of Christian. I really wish there were more of a romance between them, but oddly Ella didn't really go for the love triangle angle with this story, and in some ways I really liked that. I'm not a fan of cheaters.

I was also glad that she did show some backbone.

I absolutely loved how she finally found out the connection between her grandmother and Loic's family. That part of the novel is bittersweet and may bring a tear to your eyes. It did mine.

This is one of those novels that bring the past and present together and it really is worth reading, especially if you need some light reading to end the summer or just to help pass a nice afternoon.

This book is the first in a series, and I can't wait to see what the next book brings.

Rating: 5 flowers


Heather J @ TLC Book Tours said...

I'd love an apartment in Paris for sure! What an adventure!

Thanks for being a part of the tour.

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