Thursday, February 18, 2016

TLC Book Tours Book Review: Anything For You

Anything for You by Kristan Higgins

Series: The Blue Heron Series (Book 5)
Mass Market Paperback: 416 pages
Before you get down on bended knee… 
…you should be pretty darn sure the answer will be yes. For ten years, Connor O’Rourke has been waiting for Jessica Dunn to take their on-again, off-again relationship public, and he thinks the time has come. His restaurant is thriving, she’s got her dream job at Blue Heron Vineyard—it’s the perfect time to get married.
When he pops the question, however, her answer is a fond but firm no. If it ain’t broke, why fix it? Jess has her hands full with her younger brother, who’s now living with her full-time, and a great career after years of waitressing. What she and Connor have isperfect: friends with an excellent benefits package. Besides, with her difficult past (and reputation), she’s positive married life isn’t for her.
But this time, Connor says it’s all or nothing. If she doesn’t want to marry him, he’ll find someone who does. Easier said than done, given that he’s never loved anyone but her. And maybe Jessica isn’t quite as sure as she thinks…
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Review: Kristan Higgins is one of the authors that I've always wanted to read. I have so many of her books on my TBR pile that it is ridiculous. Thanks to this book tour, I finally cracked one of her books, and I really wish I would have started reading her sooner. Plus her books almost always have an animal in the plot. Animals always warm my heart.

I fell in love with this story from the first line, which was "Get up, Doofus."

I liked that Connor had to fight for Jessica and that he wasn't the traditional romance novel hero. He was totally sweet and really in love with Jessica.

There were so many times when I wanted to smack her and tell her to walk down the aisle with him, but that would have stopped my enjoyment of the story, cos what would the point be if she said yes, right away. She was self absorbed in an unusual way for a romance novel. She was so worried about her past reputation and taking care of her brother that she wouldn't live her own life. I felt sorry for her most of the time, because there was never "real" conflict between her and Connor. It was always things that are small or things that he tried to do for her that got them in binds.

The only thing that actually bothered me about this book, and this really isn't a huge thing was Marcy. Since she was a definite baddie and oh so obnoxious, she should have been more a part of the story, she seem an afterthought and she really didn't bring anything to the story.

The real star of the story is Connor. I adored him. We should all be able to find a love like his for Jess.

From now on Kristan Higgins is on my must buy list with every book!

Rating: 5 flowers


Heather J @ TLC Book Tours said...

I'm so glad that this tour gave you the chance to read and enjoy an author you've had on your TBR list for so long!

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