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TLC Book Tours Book Review: Sisters Like Us

About Sisters Like Us

Paperback: 432 pages
Publisher: MIRA (January 23, 2018)
The grass is always greener on your sister’s side of the fence…
Divorce left Harper Szymanski with a name no one can spell, a house she can’t afford and a teenage daughter who’s pulling away. With her fledgling virtual-assistant business, she’s scrambling to maintain her overbearing mother’s ridiculous Susie Homemaker standards and still pay the bills, thanks to clients like Lucas, the annoying playboy cop who claims he hangs around for Harper’s fresh-baked cookies.
Spending half her life in school hasn’t prepared Dr. Stacey Bloom for her most daunting challenge—motherhood. She didn’t inherit the nurturing gene like Harper and is in deep denial that a baby is coming. Worse, her mother will be horrified to learn that Stacey’s husband plans to be a stay-at-home dad…assuming Stacey can first find the courage to tell Mom she’s already six months pregnant.
Separately they may be a mess, but together Harper and Stacey can survive anything—their indomitable mother, overwhelming maternity stores and ex’s weddings. Sisters Like Us is a delightful look at sisters, mothers and daughters in today’s fast-paced world, told with Susan Mallery’s trademark warmth and humor.
“Fresh and engaging… There’s a generational subtext that mirrors reality and the complexities of adult relationships…filled with promise of a new serial that’s worth following.” -Fort Worth Star-Telegram
“Mallery enthralls [and] thoroughly involves readers in the lives of her characters as they face realistic, believable problems and search for their own happy endings.” -Publishers Weekly
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Review: I think I have a thing for dysfunctional family novels right now. Its hard to get more dysfunctional than the two sisters Harper and Stacey and Harper's daughter Becca. If you toss mom Bunny into the mix, you get one heck of a looney family.

Harper and Stacey are probably the most different sisters I've read about. Harper is maternal, people pleasing and a perfectionist and Stacey is...well, at times she seems like a female version of Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.

I had a hard time figuring out how Stacey went 6 months without telling her mother that she was pregnant. Granted, Bunny is not the mother we'd all want. She's definitely not the most likable character, and lord knows I could understand not wanting to tell her, but can you hide something like that.

I loved how Stacey gained mothering skills while still remaining the same nerdy awkward woman. Her husband, Kit was fabulous, a real "Mr. Mom." Kit's nephew Ashton is a nice addition to the mix and his relationship with Becca helps the two young people grow. Ashton is definitely more mature, but as you learn his background, that makes a lot of sense. He also seems to help Stacey grow into her motherhood. You know she's not going to be a perfect mom, but Ashton brings out her nurturing side.

Becca is Harper's daughter and she's going through everything a teenage girl goes through. OK, maybe not when it comes to inheriting her aunts doberman's and her car. The dogs, are character's unto themselves. I loved them all!

I had the most issues with Harper. She just tried too hard to be perfect. It was hard to deal with her, even though she really did nothing wrong. Well, except be too nice, especially to Bunny who was a piece of work. I really think Bunny needs a book of her own so we can understand her craziness.

Then there's Lucas. I started out loving him, even though he has women issues, but he did two things that ticked me off and by the end of the book I was ready to shake Harper. I didn't care that this was a romance and she was the one that needed a happily ever after. What he did to get Harper and how he messed things up were deal breakers for me. I did like how easily Harper took him back

This is the fourth book in the Mischief Bay series, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Harper and Stacey are quirky...ok, weird, but fun and lovable. I was quickly immersed in their lives and I didn't want to leave Mischief Bay

Rating: 4 flowers


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