Monday, July 6, 2020

TLC Book Review: A Spark Of Romance

Is she out of reach?
Fire Chief and former Army sergeant Kayleigh Baker is determined to save Mulberry’s annual Fourth of July fireworks display. She doesn’t want to disappoint the kids and the fireworks are a bittersweet memory of her mom’s last summer. As the town prepares for the summer parade and picnic, Kayleigh works to convince her former high school crush — now the straight-laced police chief — to help her cause.
Does he stack up?
Police Chief Liam MacAvoy doesn’t like the chaos the fireworks cause for his department and can’t hide his relief when they’re cancelled. But now he’s got the woman he’s been in love with for as long as he can remember asking for his help. How can he say no? What he’d really like is to show her that fireworks and town traditions are not the only things worth fighting for.
Can the boy next door and the town hero find the courage to finally seize their chance at love?

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Review: OK this is probably the best fourth of July book you can find. First of all our heroine is the fire chief and she was an Army sergeant. Can we get a yay for finally having a military woman in a romance. Our hero is her former high school crush and now chief of police.

So we've got all the makings of a great small town romance. A little far fetched because what police chief or mayor or whatnot actually wants the July 4th fireworks display to be cancelled. Its just not realistic. Sure they always bring chaos, but they also bring $$$. So a little realism would have made this storyline work better for me. Also a little research on fireworks laws in Pennsylvania would work too, as the commercial type needed for a display would not be sold along the road

Kayleigh's mom was always in charge or organizing the display before her death so that makes this tradition close to her heart. I can totally appreciate her wanting to keep her mom's memory alive, but she did put her heart before her head an awful lot.

The relationship she has with Liam and Evan is great. She is really just one of the boys, unfortunately and though there is an unspoken crush between her and Liam, she doesn't try very hard to make him see her in a non-friendly manner, so to speak. I had a hard time seeing any chemistry between the two of them, just a lot of unspoken romantic angst.

This is a sweet story filled with small town drama and all the other things that you expect from these types books. So just lose yourself for a few hours in a rather delightful little read.

Rating: 4 flowers


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