Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Book Review: And Then Came Dawn

Author: Sondra Stanford
Title: And Then Came Dawn
Publisher: Silhouette Romance #33
Publish Date: July 1981
Rating: 2 Stars

Alex and Suzanne should have married four years ago, but a betrayal got in the way of their love. Now Suzanne has returned to Miami for the funeral of her sister and Alex's brother and she learns she has custody of her niece Tiffany, and Alex is in charge of the trust fund. Well what else can they do for the sake of the child but get married?

This story should have been much better than it was, but everything about it went the road of the obvious. As soon as we are introduced to Monica, it becomes apparent she's the evil one and the cause of the couple's problems. What is terribly unbelievable is that Suzanne was so gullible that she took her word as gospel and Alex was an idiot for not standing up for himself. That part really didn't make sense to me, because Alex was a definite alpha male. You wanted to like him, but most of the time you wanted to shake him, and Suzanne for their stupidity.

When they finally admit to their love you are more relieved than happy for them. This was an ok read that borderlined on terrible


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