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Bestseller For The Day Book Review: In Leah's Wake

In Leah's Wake
Author: Terri Giuliano Long
Title: In Leah's Wake
Publisher: Createspace
Publish Date: Oct 1, 2010]
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Review Copy Provided By: The author
Book Blurb: A mesmerizing story of love, loss, connection and grace

The Tyler family had the perfect life until sixteen-year-old Leah decided she didn't want to be perfect anymore.

As Leah's rebellion escalates, her parents, Zoe and Will, wage a desperate battle to save their daughter from destroying her brilliant future. Meanwhile, her younger sister, Justine, must bear the burden of coping with the destruction her out-of-control sibling leaves in her wake.

In Cortland, Massachusetts, where money and image reign supreme, the Tylers, once town royalty, soon find themselves isolated, the subject of vicious gossip and speculation. Jerry Johnson, the townie-turned-town-cop who intervenes, may be the only person in town who instinctively understands Dostoevksy's conviction, that "everyone is responsible to all men and for all men and for everything."
This mesmerizing debut novel tells the tale of a contemporary American family caught in the throes of adolescent rebellion a heartbreaking, funny, ultimately redemptive quest for love, independence, connection and grace.
Review: This story was really moving. It chronciles a family in crisis, as the Zoe and Will's oldest daughter spirals out of control. Leah could be any girl, in any high school. She was perfect until she got mixed up with the wrong people and things go from bad to worse.
But the thing is...this book reads like real life. The perfect family with their lives collapsing around them. Work issues...parenting is all there, and it isn't all pretty.
Terri doesn't sugar coat things and though the book has a happy ending, in a roundabout way, fairy dust wasn't sprinkled on the story so that Leah could resume her old life.
In Leah's Wake reminds everyone that opens it that parenting isn't easy...mistakes are going to be made by everyone, and that your family should be the most important people in your lives.
Leah wasn't always the most likable teenager, in fact, most of the time you are hoping the cops would bust her and scare her straight, but it doesn't always work that way. Life is not easy, and In Leah's Wake life doesn't cut many people a break.
This was a truly amazing read.
Rating: 5 flowers
Author Info:

Terri Giuliano Long grew up in the company of stories both of her own making and as written by others. Books offer her a zest for life’s highs and comfort in its lows. She’s all-too-happy to share this love with others as a novelist and as a lecturer at Boston College.

While her passion lies in the written word, Terri’s primary inspiration comes from her interest in existential philosophy and her observations of people and human nature. Her stories expand upon the subtle truths and what-ifs of everyday life. No matter where her stories journey, they always tie back to the family—the ways we love yet, in loving, too often hurt one another, the grief, the sorrow, the revelation, and the joy. Terri’s goal is to offer lasting hope and deep emotional connection in a compact and entertaining package.

Her life outside of books is devoted to her family. In her spare time, she enjoys walking, traveling to far-flung places, and meeting interesting people. True to her Italian-American heritage, she’s an enthusiastic cook and she loves fine wine and good food. In an alternate reality, she could have been very happy as an international food writer.

Terri loves meeting and connecting with people who share her passions. Visit on Twitter:  or Facebook:


heavenisabookstore said...

Wow this is scary how similar this would be to my life growing up. Thanks for the review. I will have to read this!!

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