Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Things To Do When Your Nook Battery Died

Last week I was left high and dry by a wonky battery in my Nook wifi. I still hadn't acquired any protection for my Nook Color, so I was only reading off that device when I was home.

Here are some tips on how to survive until a replacement battery arrives from B & N.

1. Read physical books. (This is hard when your nook as all the galleys you want to read NOW)

2. Try to find a place that sells the batteries so you can have a spare, just in case.

3. Attempt to read books on the computer or on your smartphone. (This is very annoying IMO and drains the smartphone battery)

4. Organize your bookshelves.

5. Attempt many times over to charge the battery, even though there's no way in hell it will charge, because it is deader than spam.

6. Add more books to your wishlist at B & N on the website, since you can't do it on your NOOK Because your battery is DEAD!

7. Practice replacing the battery and pray that you don't lose that little screw when you do.


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