Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Book Review: Twilight Illusions

Author :Maggie Shayne
Title: Twilight Illusions (Wings Of Night)
Publisher: Sillohuette Shadows
Publish Date: Dec 1, 1994
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Book Blurb: Master of the damned

There could be no doubt that the one called Damien was the master of shadows, the greatest of his accursed kind. But now his ancient mantle of mystic power was threatened by a terrible weakness--a fatal passion for a woman of mortal flesh and blood...

Suspicion had first drawn Shannon Mallory into the darkness, in search of the truth behind the legends that swirled around this man--if man he was. But it was not suspicion that kept her there, or even fear--it was pure, stunning desire...

For centuries, loneliness has haunted them from dusk till dawn. Yet now, from out of the darkness, shines the light of eternal life...eternal love.

Review: Before there was Twilight, there was Maggie Shayne. Maggie is one of the best writers of paranormal romance from the 90s. Twilight Illusions is part of her Wings Of Night series for Silhouette Shadows. These were some of the best vampire romances around at the time.

I found this one at Goodwill and snatched it up. It was definitely worth the 99 cents!

Damien is an ancient vampire and a recluse he's also 6000 years old, oh and he's a magician on the side!


Shannon is a tough girl, looking to solve the murder of her best friend. She's street smart and not the typical Harlequin/Silhouette heroine...except that she's sworn off men because of an abusive foster parent. That in itself is deep for a Harlequin, and I think that's what makes this book so good, and let's it stand up many years after its initial release

Each character has a lot to deal with. Damien is trying to deal with loving someone after thousands of years as well as getting to know another of his kind, Eric Marchand who comes into play fully more than halfway through the story. Shannon is dealing with the death of her best friend, by someone that may just be a vampire. They both have to deal with the DPI investigator that would be more than happy to see them both dead, along with the real killer, of 3 of Damien's assistants.

This story is heavier on the mystery and lighter on the romance.  It is a definite must read for vampire fans.

Rating: 5 flowers


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