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Bookish Snob Promotions Guest Post: Keta Diablo w/Giveaway

Today we welcome Keta Diablo to A Chick Who Reads. She's going to talk about her new book Land Of Falling Stars.  Read her guest post and leave a comment and you could win an ebook copy of any of the books from Keta's back catalog except for Land Of Falling Stars. So make sure you leave a comment. Winners will be notified on Oct 19th.

Why I wrote Land of Falling Stars . . .

I love historical romance, always have. I cut my teeth reading Rosemary Rogers and Kathleen Woodiwiss. Oh-oh, I think I just gave away my age. I remember reading Rogers under the covers with a flashlight, my heart thundering in my chest while I waited to see what Steve would do to Ginny once he discovered her latest faux pas.

Today, I read everything Joanna Bourne releases (Spymaster’s series) and Helen Kirk man. At least once a year, I rediscover the magical characters in a book called The Windflower (a pirate novel) by husband and wife team Laura London. Alas, they never wrote a sequel. I would have devoured books about their secondary characters, particularly Cat.

It’s little wonder when I started my writing career, I gravitated toward Historical Romance. The inspiration behind my books arrive through various vehicles—a dream or by people-watching. For Land of Falling Stars, I read a true-life article about the Civil War, specifically cousins who lived in the same county and fought for opposite sides. This was not unusual at the time. County boundaries were murky and sympathizers for the North frequently lived in the South—and vice versa.

Let’s draw an imaginary line across this great country we live in, and let’s imagine a civil war breaks out. You live in the upper part of the US, but have close family and friends who live in the bottom half. Near the boundary lives a horde of people who aren’t sure where they stand but are forced to choose. And they do choose for one reason or another.

The story about the cousins fascinated me. I couldn’t fathom how one could pick up arms and fight against their brethren. I spun off from that plot in Land of Falling Stars. What if two childhood friends grew up and fell in love with the same woman? What if one man fought for the North, the other for the South? What if the bond between the three was stronger than cement and not even war could separate the vast love they held for one another?

Thus, Land of Falling Stars was born. This is the story of Jesse, Gavin and Sophia. They lived in Virginia, a state with citizens deeply loyal to the South in all respects. Yet, Gavin’s family hailed from the North. You can see where this is going, right?

LOFS is not a complicated story; but a simple account of what happens between people when war knocks on our door. It’s a narrative of friendship, loyalty, betrayal and vast, abiding love. We won’t always like the characters’ actions or motives in the book, but to truly understand them and the world they’ve been thrust into, we must put our modern belief system aside and walk in their shoes of the time.

I hope you enjoy reading Land of Falling Stars as much as I enjoyed writing the book.

My best to you with sincere wishes that all your reads take you on memorable journeys you’ll never forget.

Author Info:

Keta Diablo is a multi-published author in romance (paranormal/historical) and gay fiction.

In 2009 her historical novel Decadent Deceptions was a finalist in the RWA Molly contest

Decadent Deceptions on Kindle:

In 2010 Keta finaled in The Scarlet Boa contest with her yet to be published novel Phoenix Rising

In 2011 Keta's paranormal/shifter Where The Rain Is Made was nominated for a BOOKIE AWARD by Authors After Dark

Where The Rain is Made on Kindle:

Her Crossroads series (gay fiction) has won numerous awards, including Best Book of the Month, Recommended Read and Top Reviewer's Recommendation.

Crossroads on Kindle:

Diablo has written for numerous publishers over the years, most recently Books We Love Spice and Decadent Publishing and occasionally self-publishes.

You can find her on the Internet here:

Keta's Haunt Author home:  (sign up for her newsletter here)

Keta's Keep Romance Blog:

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Keta Diablo said...

Thanks for hosting Land of Falling Stars on your blog tour. Much appreciated.

Your blog is lovely!

Best, Keta

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I thought Id miss this today, but I guess not...*S* I would love to read this one.
I have it on m y must have list already.
Thanks for the blog hop!



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I want to read this book so bad!


Nay Nay said...

Am putting this on my wishlist. Thanks for the blog hop.

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