Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Book Review: Dangerous Lord, Innocent Governess

Author: Christine Merrill
Title: Dangerous Lord, Innocent Governess
Publisher: Harlequin Historical
Publish Date: June 21, 2011
Review Copy Proved By: Net Galley
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Book Blurb: Daphne Collingham is convinced that her beloved cousin died at the hands of her husband, Timothy, Lord Colton, so decides to masquerade as a governess in his home to discover the truth. What Daphne hasn’t bargained on is how the brooding Lord will make her feel under his dark gaze… Lord Colton is suspicious of the alluring new governess – and with the scandal surrounding him he must control his passion.
But a man has his limits, and the delectable Miss Collingham is pure temptation…

Review: When I first started reading this book, it felt like something I had already read, but I kept plugging on, because I really wanted to learn what really happened to Lord Colton's first wife, Clare.

This book is definitely more gothic than most historicals that Harlequin puts out. The mystery around Lady Colton's character really takes center stage and makes Lord Colton seem villanous even though you know that he's not a killer. After all, it wouldn't be a romance novel if the hero killed his first wife.

The author did a good job at making him come across as more than a little dark and brooding. I would have loved to have known more about the reasons for the voices in his head, that disappeared a bit too quickly for my liking. It was probably one of only two things that really bugged me about this story.

The other thing that bothered me a bit was Lady Colton. We were told a lot about her from Tim's side, but there wasn't a lot mentioned of why she was really such an influence on Daphne. It would have made the story a bit more rounded had we had a way of really seeing her.

Daphne's turn around from a spoiled girl to a woman in love worked well for me. She didn't have her fall instantly for the children, which was good, considering she professed to not really know how to deal with them, least of all as a governess.

This is a great historical with a touch of mystery for those that like the gothic style, plus it has some spice for those of us that like some action in the bedroom in our books. Definitely a good read for a cold winter's night.

Rating: 5 flowers


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