Saturday, April 21, 2012

Book Review: Lord Atwood's Lovers (A Spice Brief)

Author: Eva Clancy
Title: Lord Atwood's Lovers
Publisher: Spice Brief
Publish Date: June 1, 2012
Book Blurb:To the rest of the ton, Lord and Lady Atwood seem to have the perfect marriage. They wed for love and their marriage bed doesn't lack for passion—but Imogen is haunted by the memory of her first marriage…while Charles harbors secret thoughts and desires he's been unable to confess to his wife.

Then Charles's ex-lover, Alexander Lambert, arrives in town, throwing Charles into a tailspin—and awakening a surprising attraction in Imogen. Now, both have to face the possibility that they may need more than just each other to be truly complete….

Review: This is a Spice Brief, so it is a short story for the Harlequin Spice line. I wasn't sure how I felt about reading another erotic tale after the last book, but this one had an interesting premise, and I'm a sucker for erotic historical fiction.

This one is definitely a good bedtime read. If you like your stories spicy, that is. I was really amazed at how well you got to know Imogen and Charles in 43 pages. And then there's Alex, Charles' old lover. Personally, I liked him better than Charles, not that Charles did anything wrong, Alex was just more my type.

It was a good mixture of sex and plot. You came to like the characters which is somewhat difficult to accomplish in such a short story, but Eva shared some back story on Imogen and Charles. It was just enough that when you finish the last page that you'll wish that there was more. That's usually how I feel when reading these Spice briefs. I want more story!!! I want to see how the triangle manages to stay together after the initial coupling.

But for a quickie (hee hee pun intended) this was a goodie!

Rating: 5 flowers


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