Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Book Review: A Fool and His Honey

Author: Charlaine Harris
Title: A Fool And His Honey
Publisher: Berkley
Publish Date: Sept 13, 1999
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Book Blurb: Aurora Teagarden should be used to surprises by now. Yet when a local handyman begins dancing naked in her yard, she’s thrown for a loop and suspects it could be a bad omen of unwelcome events to come. When her husband’s niece, Regina, appears in Lawrenceton with a baby in tow and evading questions, tensions escalate. It’s not much longer before Regina’s husband is found murdered and Regina herself has disappeared, leaving both her baby and a large amount of money behind.

Traveling north to Ohio seeking relatives to care for the abandoned child, and accompanied by a friend of Regina’s who seems to know more than he’s letting on, Roe and Martin search for clues that will point them to Regina’s location and why she abandoned her baby. There’s a killer at large and Roe, snowed in in rural Ohio, will have to peel back the layers of secrets to find the truth before more people die.

Review: This is book 6 in the Aurora Teagarden mystery series. My library doesn't have them all, so I read this one after book 1, plus it is the latest book to be made into a movie for the Hallmark Mystery channel.

I got interested in this series, when I watched The Julius House (which I really want to read). I like Roe but I did have mixed feelings about Martin in this book. I really couldn't get over his not knowing anything about caring for a baby when he had a child with his first wife. That made me shake my head a little bit. What father knows nothing about diapering or feeding a baby? This book was written in the late 90s not the 50s (and even in the 50s I bet father's knew more about babies). It was also hard to figure out how a surprisingly spunky woman let her husband dictate her life, especially in regards to having children

Regina and her hangers on, including her baby made for a much different mystery than I'd expect from a cozy mystery series. There are a couple of things going on that make this short novel a lot more complex than most of the mysteries I read.

First we have Regina, who just shows up on her Uncle's doorstep, baby in tow. Then her possible lover shows up at the same time she disappears and her husband is found dead leaving baby Hayden with Roe and Martin.

So there's the dead husband and the whole baby mystery going on, definitely something different from the typical cozy. I can't say that enough. I was also surprised that the group "Real Murders" wasn't part of the story line, but again, I haven't read the other books.

There are things going on with her mother's husband, John, but nothing, and I do mean nothing will prepare you for the ending of this book.

I actually had to reread several pages of the last chapters because I didn't believe what had happened.

Rating: 4 flowers


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