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TLC Book Tours Book Review: The Lady Traveler's Guide To Scoundrels and Other Gentlemen

Author: Victoria Alexander
Title: The Lady Travelers Guide to Scoundrels & Other Gentlemen
Publisher: HQN
Publish Date: May 23, 2017
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Book Blurb: Embark on the breathtaking romantic adventures of The Lady Travelers Society in the brand-new series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Victoria Alexander

Really, it's too much to expect any normal man to behave like a staid accountant in order to inherit the fortune he deserves to support the lifestyle of an earl. So when Derek Saunders's favorite elderly aunt and her ill-conceived—and possibly fraudulent—Lady Travelers Society loses one of their members, what's a man to do but step up to the challenge? Now he's escorting the world's most maddening woman to the world's most romantic city to find her missing relative.

While India Prendergast only suspects his organization defrauds gullible travelers, she's certain a man with as scandalous a reputation as Derek Saunders cannot be trusted any farther than the distance around his very broad shoulders. As she struggles not to be distracted by his wicked smile and the allure of Paris, instead of finding a lost lady traveler, India just may lose her head, her luggage and her heart.

Review:  Finally a historical romance that isn't totally an adventure romance. I've read a lot of Stephanie Laurens recently and though she is a wonderful writer, traveling the high seas in every book can get tiresome.

I was quite happy that the traveling in this book was on "the continent".

India is the perfect heroine for this type of novel.  She's spunky, smart, bookish and has no desire to wed, because she feels she's not attractive.  Her cousin Heloise is traveling and gone missing.

Derek is the nephew of one of the lady's who run the semi-shady traveling group.

India and Derek end up looking for Heloise.

India is a bit hard to take at times. Not that she's unlikable, just more than a bit stuffy. She feels more like a Regency heroine, rather than one from Victorian England.

The time they spent in Paris is quite fun, as we see India becoming a little less proper. Trust me, she needed to be a little less proper. She becomes much more likable and even a little fun.

She's the type of woman that is prim, proper and doesn't care too much for fashion. How can you be in Paris and not care for fashion? And she didn't like the Eiffel Tower! Oh my!

I adored this story. It did start out a little slowly. (That seems to be the typical way Historical's seem to go these days, especially as they have to be 400 pages long these days)

Derek and India's relationship progressed slowly, but the pace was perfect for the type of book this was. What sets Derek apart from other romance heroes, is his genuineness. He has a bad reputation, but he is reforming, even before the whole situation with India and her cousin explodes. He loves his family and is doing his best to protect them.

When his mother arrives on the scene, you fall in love with her instantly. She's perfect, more a mother than a Lady, though she's every inch a lady too.

Then there's Martin, India's boss. In the first pages, I was almost on his side, waiting to see if she'd realize that he cared for her, but it was easy to see once Derek became a fixture in her life, you knew nothing was going to happen there.

The other focal character is Derek's step brother Val (Percy). He's the true rake, but he's so lovable. I hope he gets a story at some point, cos I'd like to see him reformed.

The characters are really such fun, and you'll even like India, once she pulls the stick out of her bum and starts to act a little freer.

The mystery with Heloise is quite interesting too, especially when things get resolved.

Victoria Alexander has another winner here.

Rating: 5 flowers


Heather J @ TLC Book Tours said...

I love to imagine that I'd have been one of those intrepid lady adventures who gallivanted around the world without a man by my side - what a life!

Thanks for being a part of the tour.

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