Sunday, January 29, 2012

Book Review: 10 Ways To Kill A Cupid

Author: Leigh Parker
Title: 10 Ways To Kill A Cupid
Publish Date: July 17,2011
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Review Copy Provided By: The author
Book Blurb: Leigh has a story to tell and despite the absurdity of it, it has to be told before it's forgotten forever.

You see Leigh used to be a Cupid.
A very silly, naive and regretfully bitter Cupid.
And those are traits a Cupid shouldn’t technically possess.
When Leigh’s murderer is the next assignment, revenge stands in the way of helping Natalie McIntyre find her perfect partner…
That is until the appearance of the blue spark.
Review: I never thought I'd like a book as much as I did this one. It was hilarious and sweet and just an all around enjoyable read.

See when you die..we all either become Cupids, Angels or Reapers. Hey, you get a choice at which you'd like to be too! Leigh screws up on the last two and thus ends up a Cupid. (I probably would too).

I spent most of the time reading this book laughing at how Leigh was trying to either annoy Natalie or find her soul mate. And when they say Natalie is hard to like, they aren't being kind. She's totally a huge pain in the butt, but as the story goes on, you come to like her, and you also like the friendship that is blossoming between her and her Cupid.

But she still has to find Natalie a soul mate.

That's where things get tricky!

See Natalie is more than just a girl that Leigh has to match up. She's the person....oh no...I'm not going to tell you that, it will spoil the ending which will knock you out of your seat.

Grab this book because it is the cutest, funniest thing you'll read. This is Leigh Parker's debut, and it definitely worth the time.

Rating:  5 flowers


niKai said...

sounds cute. put in my KIV (Keep In View) box first

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