Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Book Clubs: The Discussion Kind

I truly suck at getting things read on time for groups that discuss books, and then when it comes to typing up a response I'm much worse. I wanted to get Michelle Hauf's Her Vampire Husband read by today, for the discussion over at The Bite Club, but to no avail. I kept finding new books and starting old ones so that I never got around to reading that one.


I have no structure when it comes to stuff like that, plus, I don't want to start a book when they announce that months read because, the story won't be fresh in my mind.

It doesn't help matters that I can't stop buying books, even though I just pulled about 30 books out of a box in my basement that I was given by a friend years ago.

And then a few weeks ago a friend gave me a book flyer (you know who you are) and I've been going through it and marking off the books I want to buy.

I probably should just try to hunt them down at the library but that would probably be too easy, and I can never do things the easy way.

Its things like this that keep me from reading books for discussion. Oye!


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