Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Book Review: Gold Rush Bride

Author: Debra Lee Brown
Title: Gold Rush Bride
Published Date: December 2002
Publisher: Harlequin Historical #594
Ratings: 4 Stars

In Gold Rush Bride, Debra Lee Brown introduces us to Kate Dennington who travels to California from Ireland to see her ailing father. Upon her arrival at Tinderbox, she learns she's too late and she also learns that women and foreigners can't own and operate a business in the town.

That's where fur trapper, Will Crockett comes in. She needs a husband so she can pay for her passage back to Ireland. The two are hastily wed but things soon turn out to be a bit more complicated.

Kate is a very spunky, loyal and loving woman. She cares about her family and wants to help them. That's why she hopes to make enough at the store to pay for her passage home and pay off the debt that is owed by her and her family that remained in Ireland. She also seems to find trouble wherever she goes and that makes the story more entertaining.

The problem both Kate and Will share is a lack of trust and too many things they want to keep secret from one another. That really keeps them from coming together faster, even though its quite apparent from the beginning of the story that there's chemistry between them.

This book is very light on the passion, which is actually a little bit unusual for historicals, but the story isn't suited for many passionate romps, so it definitely works.

The only thing that really detracts from the story is the ending. It just comes about too quickly and too easily, but other than that, this was definitely a great read that I would recommend to anyone that likes historical westerns.


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