Thursday, May 13, 2010

Book Review: Folly To Love

Author: Lynn Jacobs
Published Date: December 1989
Publisher Harlequin Romance #3020
Ratings: 3 Stars

Olivia Morris is left with the debts her father created when he passes away from a stroke. She then takes a temporary job with interior designer Ross Courtenay, going through the library and sorting through the books there. Which results in the couple falling in love, except there are pitfalls, those being certain gossipy and jealous members of Ross' staff.

The story itself is cute and well written. Olivia and Ross are well suited. I love how he comes to her aid at all times, from when she falls to the financial rescue, but he doesn't really go all alpha male on her. He romances her with picnics and wine. What girl wouldn't fall for a guy like that? He's also teasing and flirty. Ross is definitely one hero that you can truly fall for.

What keeps this book from being great is the ending. When the jealousy of one of Ross' employees gets to be too much, Olivia runs. It doesn't really fit with the character and it definitely doesn't fit with a woman in love however inexperienced she might be. On top of it all she runs home, which is the antique store which is up for sale and has no phone or much in the way of furniture. It truly makes you question this girl's sanity.

Thankfully, Ross finds her and gives her a happily ever after, but the conflict at the end isn't believable enough and makes Olivia look childish. It spoils an otherwise excellent story.


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