Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Chick Ponders Bookish Things: Reading at the YMCA

Everyone sing with me..."It's fun to read at the Y M C A."

Really it is. Or at least it is fun to get books at the YMCA. I know I've mentioned it, but my Y has a lending library. I like it more than exercising. OK, I like just about anything more than exercising, but that is beside the point.

Thanks to my parent's hospital stays in the last few months I haven't been working out.

Pokes at the pudge gathering around my middle.

That's becoming quite apparent. I've also missed out on the books that people bring in. See our lending library is great for those books that you only read once...harlequins etc

Today I picked up a couple of cozy mysteries to read, both series books, so yay for finding new stuff to read for free.

Let's face it, free reads are often the best ones!

Do any of you have a favorite lending spot?


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