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Great Escapes Book Tours Book Review: River City Dead


river-city-deadRiver City Dead by Nancy G. West

Henery Press (January 17, 2017)

Paperback: 224 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1635111330


Aggie Mundeen, who advises readers in her column, “Stay Young with Aggie,” is pushing forty and determined to postpone a precipitous descent into middle-age. She plans to rendezvous with SAPD Detective Sam Vanderhoven at a hotel on the San Antonio River Walk…a vacation from crime and reset for their tumultuous relationship. In the midst of River City during Fiesta Week, what could go wrong?
Aggie’s new friends, the Fabulous Femmes, are holding their convention at the hotel. When hotel guests are murdered, Aggie discovers her friends have disturbing backgrounds. Evil surfaces at Fiesta events, and Aggie’s dancing debut at a Fiesta performance at Arneson River Theater is fraught with danger. Even in idyllic River City, crime complicates relationships. Books in the Aggie Mundeen Humorous Mystery Series:


Review: River City Dead sees Aggie Mundeen and her beau, Sam,  SAPD detective attempting to have a romantic get away.

The only problem is that when Sam gets to the hotel there's a dead body there and all hopes for getting their relationship off to a romantic start are pretty much put to an end to that.

When the dead girl happens to be someone Aggie knows she has to help with the investigation. Aggie is getting really smart in her investigation.

She really finds some great ways to get information on Monica Peters while still trying to have a good weekend. I really enjoyed learning about Fiesta and the customs surrounding this holiday.

Monica was definitely a character/victim that you actually feel sorry for. A good percent of the time the victims in cozy mysteries, deserve their fate. Monica wasn't really all that bad and definitely didn't deserve what happened to her. She was just a young woman that was really looking for a good time and someone to love her.

I loved the Fabulous Femmes and the subgroups and clicks and all the drama this group of women create. The ladies Aggie met were definitely quirky and fun and they really carried the story along.

The only thing that drives me absolutely nuts about Aggie, is her obsession with age. She's not even 40 yet and she acts like she has one foot in the grave. As a woman that is 42, I almost find her attitude insulting.

Aggie is getting smarter in her sleuthing. I'm surprised at how Sam does let her help investigate. She still tries to do things on her own, that usually puts her in harms way. I was happy that her relationship with Sam has survived her actions this time round.

This is a fabulous series that any mystery lover will enjoy.

Rating: 4 flowers

Nancy West About This Author
I’ve been writing since age seven: poems back and forth with my mom. I had a real poem published in the Library Journal, Pegasus, at age fifteen. At eighteen, I wanted to study journalism and English literature, but friends who chose that college route were making minimum wage or selling lingerie. Being practical, I earned a business degree. After marriage and two children, I decided I HAD to study literature and write. I wrote non-fiction articles, a biography, and a suspense novel in 2004. That’s when whimsical Aggie Mundeen cut through the suspense, popped into my head and demanded her own series. The Aggie Mundeen mystery capers were born. Aggie must have been right: FIT TO BE DEAD is a LEFTY FINALIST 2013 for best humorous mystery, nominated by Left Coast Crime.


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Nancy G. West said...

Thanks, Chick Who Reads, for the Spotlight and Review! I have the flu or you would have heard from me sooner. I love the Fabulous Femmes, too. I had a ball writing them, and Aggie and Detective Sam always keep me guessing. Good luck, everyone, on the drawing!

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