Friday, February 3, 2017

Great Escapes Book Tours Book Review: Masked To Death

Author: Christina Freeburn
Title:Masked to Death (A Faith Hunter Scrap This Mystery)
5th in Series
Publisher: Henery Press
Publish Date: January 24, 2017
Paperback: 238 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1635111378

Book Blurb:A Caribbean cruise is the perfect setting for a Roget wedding, and Faith meeting Ted’s family. She also hopes the vacation gets their stalled romance moving, but it doesn’t take long for that dream to capsize. Ted’s daughter hates her. The ex-wife is adored. Odessa Roget is surly. And the banned father of a groom, John Roget, requests Faith’s assistance in bringing down a jewel theft ring masterminded by his ex-wife.

Having had a man she loved accuse her of a crime, Faith won’t let Odessa travel down the same path and agrees to help. Faith sets her course on uncovering the true criminals—which might be a groom’s best friend. The romantic week turns disastrous as a wedding is interrupted, suspicious deaths point to murders, and Ted’s daughter schemes to reunite her parents. Instead of diamonds being a girl’s best friend, Faith finds they’re cruising toward Davy Jones’ Locker.

Review:  I've been following the Faith Tucker mysteries for quite awhile. I think I might have missed a book in the series, but when I find them, I read them. Faith is a smart heroine and the stories are always fresh and interesting.

In this book Faith is on a cruise with her boyfriend Ted for his brother's wedding. The problem is his ex-wife and daughter who don't seem to have found feelings for her. Toss his wedding crashing dad, who is doing some freelance work for the FBI that might involve Ted's mom...well things are going to be quite crazy and they were.

I absolutely loved everything about this story, except maybe Ted's daughter. Seriously, this was one child that needed smacked! The way Ted acted in regards to her as well as the sleeping arrangements was enough to make me question whether Faith and Ted were meant to be. If I were Faith, Ted probably would have been kicked to the curb, or I would have been arrested for child abuse. Yeah, that's how bad Claire was. She was the biggest brat, who was borderline evil.

There's a lot of action in this story especially as there are multiple suspects when it comes to figuring out who was responsible for the jewel thefts. This really keeps you in suspense and it also keeps you guessing, right to the very end.

The ending is definitely a bit of a shocker as far as the mystery and Faith's relationship is concerned.

If you haven't read this series, I highly suggest you start!

Rating: 5 flowers

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