Monday, September 11, 2017

Book Review: Ava Moss

Author: Joss Landry
Title: Ava Moss
Publisher: Book Beatles Publishing
Publish Date: Oct 19, 2016
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Book Blurb: In the heart of Manhattan’s financial district, during her rise through the entry-level program of a large conglomerate, Ava Moss encounters the salacious Scott Wallace. While Ava considers her boss inscrutable she realizes her heart must remain Scott-free and not fall prey to his charismatic prowess.

Quite by accident Ava overhears computer thieves plotting to steal the firm’s investment clients and seize their information. Worried Scott will not believe her story Ava enlists the help of coworkers to catch the culprits. When Scott learns about the attempted fraud, he is angrier with Ava for not having confided in him than in any potential swindle.

Ava, heartbroken by Scott’s silence and what she considers his lack of gratitude, attempts to move on to avoid the bleak consequences of unrequited love.

Review: Ava Moss is a sweet love story with a touch of suspense. From the back cover, one would expect a lot more suspense than there actually is. The book is nearly 2/3s finished before things get a little interesting.

The first 2/3s deal with Ava and her growing feelings for Scott who she met first while on a sort of speed dating event and who later ends up being her boss. I found Scott to be an absolute jerk most of the time, and I couldn't understand Ava's continued obsession with him. He's a guy that is engaged and has admitted to having indiscretions before his engagement.

Uh, Ava, why would you want to be involved with this guy?

Scott is like a Harlequin Presents alpha male, only at some point in most Harlequins, you come around to liking the guy. With Scott, you didn't really get to liking him.

Ava is 5'2 and a size two. This is something that the author repeated drums into our heads. She's also an orphan, raised in foster care, who has worked hard for everything she has. She is twenty six, though her behavior makes you feel like she's about 5 years younger. Her feelings for Scott make you question how mature she is.

I kept thinking, how can I like a character that is going after another woman's guy?

But I did, and I'm not sure why? Maybe its because it shows that even people that are supposedly smart can do stupid things? Whatever it was, I did like Ava.

I liked her spunk in trying to handle the thefts of company files. It wasn't entirely smart, but it was spunky. The outcome certainly wasn't what I was expecting, but it was enough to pave the way for her having her happily ever after.

I especially liked the ending with the envelope from Elspeth.

Overall this was a sweet romance with a little twist of suspense.

Rating: 4 flowers


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