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Book Review: Ear Candy

M.E. Carter and Andrea Johnston are romance writers who share a love of the written word. Combining their sense of humor, beliefs in love, and sarcasm, this writing duo has joined forces to create the Charitable Endeavors series. With the sole purpose of bringing laughter and love to their readers while tapping into their charitable hearts, a portion of the release proceeds will be donated to charity.

Ear Candy is the second book in the Charitable Endeavors Series by M.E. Carter and Andrea Johnston. Each story is somehow related to the indie book community and is guaranteed to be a contemporary romantic comedy and fade to gray (no gratuitous sexy times when we're donating to charity) PLUS a portion of each book’s release will be DONATED to charity!

Title: Ear Candy
Genre: Contemporary Romantic Comedy
Charity: The Guardians Foundation, Inc.

As you all know, with the Charitable Endeavors series, we have committed to releasing each book with a significant portion of the release month proceeds being donated to charity. With the release of Ear Candy, we have chosen THE GUARDIANS FOUNDATION. TGF is a non-profit located in north Idaho and was founded by Michael Shaw, a SSG in the Idaho National Guard. The mission of TGF is to utilize resources within the community to support veterans and their families to bring comfort, offer hope, and provide immediate assistance. TGF assists veterans in the state of Idaho and parts of Washington with shelter, emergency and unexpected expenses, transportation, education and job opportunities, and an outdoor sportsmanship program. We are honored to support such an amazing organization that supports veterans.

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He’s the plot twist she didn’t hear coming.

Becoming a book narrator was never my goal. But if your deep voice tempts romance listeners
to swoon and throw their proverbial panties at you, plans change.

When an unexpected chain of events rockets my easy-going and chill life in a completely
different direction, I tackle it like I do everything—with humor, wit, and a little bit of my “Hawk
Weaver” charm.

That’s not a hardship, though, because it means establishing a friendship with erotic romance
author, Donna Moreno. She’s a game changer. In all the best ways.


As an over-thirty single woman who writes erotica for a living, you would think I spend my days
fighting off every handsome, dirty-mouthed billionaire in a twenty-mile radius. I don’t. Sure, I
have a checklist for my ideal man who I write in my books. I just haven’t found “the one” in the
real world.

Todd Chimolski may not check all the boxes on my current list, but there’s something to be said
for a friend who makes you laugh and puts on a suit to make all your fantasies come true.
Hearing him bring the words I’ve written to life is nothing short of an eargasm, and that’s a box
I didn’t know I needed checked.

What happens when the woman who writes sexy romance and the man who narrates it build a friendship that quickly turns to more?

Review: Andrea Johnston is the reason I started reading romance again after a long slump.


Because her characters are real. B

By the time you finish reading the book, you'll feel like every character is a good friend.

This series, that she co-authors with M.E. Carter is beyond fabulous.

If you are a lover of romance novels, you can't let this book pass you by, or Switch Stance for that matter. Its a romance with a little peek inside the writing world.

This is Donna's story. Donna writes hot erotic romance with sexy billionaire heroes, but she longs to write a sweet small town romance a'la the Hallmark channel.

Todd is a whole lot more than he seems, being Aggie/Addie's bff and narrator, under the name Hawk Weaver.

Todd is the hero girls like me squee! about. I love that he's quirky and not traditionally handsome. I love his fashion sense, his sense of humor and his love of deviled eggs. Really, I just love everything about Todd. He's the sweet guy that you HAVE to fall in love with.

Donna is a former lawyer and she's got it all together, while still being "Normal." She's smart, sassy and well...Mr. Tuddles the cat is just...AHHHH.

These two are opposites, but they fit and the friendship that builds between them, as sparks fly really makes this a book worth reading.

Oh and you get to spend some time with Aggie and Spencer from Switch Stance too, which is a huge bonus. For those that read that book, you'll get to see how their relationship is progressing too.


I'm so full of warm, fuzzy feelings right now.

Rating: 5 flowers


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