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Book Review: Ever After

Author: Jude Deveraux
Title: Ever After
Publisher: Ballentine Books
Publish Date: June 2015
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Book Blurb:Jude Deveraux’s eagerly awaited third novel in her blockbuster Nantucket Brides trilogy continues the spellbinding saga of the Montgomery-Taggerts, set on an island steeped in beauty and unforgettable romance.

Life is anything but perfect for Hallie Hartley, a young physical therapist who has given up nearly everything—even her love life—for her beautiful blonde stepsister, Shelly. Though Shelly’s acting career has never taken off, she has certainly perfected the crocodile tears to get what she wants—which all too often means Hallie’s boyfriends. When Hallie arrives home early from work one fateful day, she makes two startling discoveries that will turn her life upside down: Not only has a mysterious relative left Hallie a house on Nantucket, but Shelly has been trying to steal it. Desperate to put her troubles behind her, Hallie impulsively flies to Nantucket.

New trouble, however, has already settled into Hallie’s guest room in the form of her newest client. Hallie is told that wealthy, young James Taggert has injured his leg in a skiing accident. Assuming that the devastatingly handsome man has led a charmed life, Hallie is surprised by Jamie at every turn throughout his recovery. His attentions draw her out of her shell—but he has a dark secret, and is tormented by nightmares that only her presence can keep at bay. She suspects there’s more to his injury than he’s letting on.

 On this gorgeous island rich in history, magic is everywhere, even in Hallie’s own backyard. As Jamie’s relatives arrive for a wedding gala, something wonderfully unusual is in the air. There’s an aura of romance—enhanced by a pair of matchmaking ghosts and a colorful island legend. In their own little corner of the world, Jamie and Hallie unravel the timeless secrets of their own hearts, and a very special story of True Love destined to last forever after.

Review:I picked this book up at the library a few weeks ago, because, well the cover is absolutely gorgeous. I also liked the Cinderella aspect of the story.

Hallie, our heroine has a sort of wicked stepsister. When I say wicked step sister I mean it too. Shelly is an absolute piece of work. I can't even begin to say how much you can hate this character without her really being part of the actual story. This girl is such a piece of work that you really only need one step sister for the whole Cinderella vibe.

It starts with her trying to defraud Hallie out of her inheritance, which leads her Hallie spending time on Nantucket in a house that has a few more inhabitants. Yup matchmaking ghost sisters. OMG! That was the best part of the story.

This wasn't my favorite Jude Deveraux novel because some of the interaction with Hallie and Jamie bugged me, namely her crawling in bed with him when he was having night terrors from his PTSD. Uh that's kind of creepy, especially after the fuss she made about him having pictures of Shelly. (The hot wicked stepsister) Hallie is the stable sister, a little plump, in comparison. Seriously, why do authors do this? One sister is a skinny sexy bombshell and the other has a few extra pounds and this keeps getting mentioned.

The banter between Hallie and Jamie is perfect otherwise and I liked how their relationship grew. I just wish as things got wrapped up, that Ms. Deveraux wouldn't have spoiled some of the other characters for me.

Jamie is a hero I love. A wounded soldier with secrets, one being he's a soldier. He isn't your typical soldier type. He's playing the playboy here, but he's still lovable in his way.

Case in point, Braden. He was Hallie's champion...and without spoiling it, he ends up marrying at the end and it just doesn't suit his personality. In fact for me that didn't make sense. It gave a HEA to more than just Hallie and Jamie and those other characters didn't really deserve it, at least in my eyes.

Thought it wouldn't have been a romance I was drawn more to the "tea ladies" and their story. In fact, though it would have been a sad one, I think the concept of these young matchmakers that died young would have made a fabulous novel.

I've read so many of Jude Deveraux's books, this isn't one of her best, but it certainly was enjoyable.

Rating: 3 flowers


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