Monday, May 13, 2019

Book Review: Julia's Wish

Author: Kay Harris
Title: Julia's Wish
Publish Date: May 13, 2019
Book Blurb: Julia walks into the sperm bank with plans to create a family, but instead of a match on the microscope, she ends up with three teenaged girls and their smoking hot uncle.

Julia Wall loves her job, her quiet life, and reading slow burn romance novels. But she’s losing her sight, and her biological clock is ticking. With a relationship track record she could probably write chick lit about, she knows she’s better off doing it on her own. So she signs up to find her baby romance at a sperm bank that specializes in a personal donor matching experience.

Emilio Thompson is the recipient of an insta-family. Take the death of one older, beloved sister, add in uncaring grandparents, and stir. Next thing he knows he’s raising three teenaged girls on his own. Fresh out of law school, he finds work at his friend’s sperm bank. Contracts and paperwork pay the bills, but he never expected to find his dream girl sitting on the other side of his desk, desperate for a baby.

Julia has everything figured out. And Emilio and his sweet, sassy nieces don’t fit into her carefully constructed plans. But knowing what you want and finding what you need are two very different things…

Review: Julia's Wish is a very different type of romance

Julia is 38 years old. She has a condition that is going to leave her blind in a few years. She's had so many unsuccessful relationships but she wants a child, and she wants to be able to see that child, so she's looking for a donor.

Emilio is working at the very unconventional sperm bank, but even he is not without baggage. He has custody of his deceased sister's 3 teenage daughters. The girls a wonderful and a bit of a handful.

There's a definite spark between Julia and Emilio from the very beginning, but somehow a friendship grows out of her determination to find a donor.

That relationship isn't easy, as Julia is older than Emilio and she has issues with the age gap as well as her health issues.

Emilio has the charge of his deceased sister's three daughters and that makes things more interesting, especially as they love Julia and really want the two of them to get together.

I loved all the missteps along the way as the two found their way to love. The ending is definitely one that will give you warm fuzzy feelings.

This was a beautiful book with characters you couldn't help but root for.

Rating: 5 flowers


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