Thursday, August 15, 2019

Book Review: The Perfect Spinster

Author: Annabelle Anders
Title: The Perfect Spinster
Publish Date: Aug 1, 2019
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Book Blurb: He’s more rake than gentleman and she’s more minx than spinster.

Miss Olivia Redfield’s prospects for marriage are nonexistent, bleak at best. Removed from society for an ill-fated physical defect, she’s resigned herself to caring for others in a somewhat dreary existence. She’s determined to be the Perfect Spinster, that is, until she finds herself falling for the charming but unattainable, Lord Kingsley.

Gabriel Fellowes, Earl of Kingsley is doing a favor for a friend by overseeing the dangerous–– but promising––mine on the border of Viscount Hallowell’s property. With extra time on his hands, he finds himself irresistibly provoked by the viscount’s nymph–like daughter and delights in needling her as well. In no position to promise more than a dalliance, Gabriel takes the unprecedented step of becoming her friend. Their flirtatious attachment threatens to erupt in passion, but duty and honor forbid anything more. Will love be defeated when tragedy strikes, or can these two overcome Society’s dictates and conquer a century old curse?

Review: I read this book in between all sorts of bad things happening to me. I feel guilty because it took me nearly 2 weeks to finish it.


My cat died and I ended up with an abscessed tooth that needed a root canal. So sadness and pain. They don't make it easy to read, but let me talk about The Perfect Spinster.

If bad things weren't constantly happening to me in the last few weeks, I really would have blown through this book.

Annabelle writes a story that touches your heart, with characters that you will absolutely adore. Olivia is such a great character. Imperfect, with a lazy eye that has her believing she has to settle for less in life. When you get to know her family you want to choke them. There's a brief moment when you feel maybe they aren't that bad and then boom.

There's a brief enemies to lovers trope here with Gabriel, as he was a little bit of a bully to Olivia in her younger years regarding her eye. I mean to be picked on and have your family feel that because you are less than perfect you are a cursed or cause a curse is pretty awful. I think it was refreshing that Annabelle wrote Olivia as such a well adjusted woman was amazing. (I think if Olivia had been a real person, she wouldn't have been so lucky)

The relationship between her and her former tormentor grows so beautifully. It was perfect. There's some heat but not a lot, which I like when it comes to novels set in the regency era.

I would have enjoyed more conflict towards the end, but that's really minor, because these two are characters that really belonged together.

If you are a fan of Regency romance. This book is not to be missed.

Rating: 5 flowers


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