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Forever Write PR Book Review: Capturing The Heart Of The Rock Star

 by Nomi Summers 
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Debut author Nomi Summers brings you CAPTURING THE HEART OF THE ROCK STAR, the first installment in her sweet contemporary romance series, Knox Brothers of Arbor Shores. When Shane Knox left his home-town years ago to pursue his dream, he never looked back. Until he finds himself back home and in the presence of his first true love, Avery Cooke. Find out if Shane will find redemption or will he leave for good in this smalltown, second chance, rockstar romance.

Even rock stars are haunted by the one that got away... 

Chasing music and freedom, Shane Knox left Arbor Shores nine years ago and never looked back... until now. With his best friend, Dax, getting married, Shane is coming home to face his past as well as Avery, the girl he left behind. 

The second he lays eyes on her, all of his long suppressed feelings come rushing back in a tidal wave of regret. For him, it was never truly over. But is it too late for a second chance? 

Despite being bitter over Shane’s abrupt exit, Avery has bigger problems on her hands than drama with her ex. Her family’s hotel, Arbor Shores Resort, is struggling. Financial difficulties have landed the business in prime position for a real estate buyout, which would destroy all Avery and her family have built. 

Putting his career on the line, Shane comes up with a plan that could save the resort. But will it be enough to redeem himself with Avery? 

Or is it time for him to leave Arbor Shores for good?

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Copyright @ Nomi Summers 2019 

Shane walked Avery to the parking lot, holding her hand the entire way, long after the group could no longer see them. When they reached the car, he turned to her and said, “Thank you for today. I had fun with you.”
“Yeah, me too.” She was starting to soften, and knew she had to pull herself together. “Tomorrow it’s back to business as usual. No need to keep up the fake relationship after everyone leaves.”
“Unless you wanted to?” he asked with a hopeful grin. 
“There’s no use in pretending to be something we’re not unless it evolves to that. Let’s just take it one day at a time and see where this takes us.” 
“Well then, I’ll see you in the morning, boss. I’ll be ready for you to put me to work.”
“See you then,” Avery turned and began to open the door to her car, but she felt Shane push it shut. As she turned to face him to see what he was doing, he leaned in and pinned her gently against the car with his body. One hand on the door, he leaned in as if he were going to kiss her. With his other hand, he brushed his thumb along her bottom lip. 
“What are you doing?” she tried to whisper, but her voice cracked. 
“I’ve been dying to kiss you, Ave.” His voice was low, his breath warm against her cheek, as he leaned in to whisper in her ear, “Ever since I got here, I’ve wanted nothing more than to feel your lips on mine.”
“Shane …” she started, but her voice trailed off. Her legs were getting weaker and weaker. She was running out of fight with this man. 
“Just one kiss, Avery,” he whispered softly. “And then we’ll know.” 
Her eyes fell to his lips, so close to her own, and she began to close her eyes. She did want the kiss, more than anything. But she didn’t want her heart to break all over again. She wanted to be certain this could work before they took it too far. She straightened her back, placing a hand on his chest to create space between them. “I already know, Shane.” 
Before he could say anything more, she leaned forward and dusted a kiss to his cheek. She turned and opened the car door, whispering a brief goodbye before she got in and backed out of her parking spot, leaving Shane alone to watch her tail lights disappear in the distance. 

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Review: I kinda have a love/hate thing going on with this book. I love the rock star and small town element, I love Shane and Avery too, but parts of the story seemed too far fetched.

I don't pretend to understand the music biz a whole lot, but I can't see a record label dropping a lead singer from the band, that just isn't done. Even with bands as big as The Freaking BEATLES the label couldn't just say..ok, you don't want to do're out. The band's themselves make that decision..unless you are a group like Destiny's Child or some other sort of prefabricated band. Most groups work almost like partnerships and have to be dissolved when they are breaking up, especially if they are huge groups like Distant Union was supposed to be.

I love second chance stories too..but again..why does one of the two people have to be pining over the other for years? Shane left 9 years prior and Avery never had another relationship? Since high school? Shane married and divorced? Why not another guy for Ave?

Now all that aside. I loved that both had a devotion to their families, even Shane when it came down to a not so great, but wealthy dad. Lord knows, the Knox family didn't deserve Shane being a member. His dad was a jerk and even the twist at the end wouldn't make me like him much more.

I did love how they came together and I liked that this was a sweet romance, even though the rock star element made me think there would be a lot more heat involved in their relationship than there actually was. I mean..rock star always makes me think of the whole "sex, drugs and rock n roll" adage.

I also like that Hunter is going to get his story. I'm a bit intrigued by that prospect, as Hunter is definitely the alpha male kinda guy.

Rating: 4 flowers

Author Nomi Summers

Nomi Summers is a clean contemporary romance author with a flair for taming bad boy heroes readers swoon over.

When she’s not dreaming up her next sweet small town romance, you’ll find her at the beach devouring the latest new release on her Kindle. Her other guilty pleasures include getting lost in mindless reality TV and spending far too much time talking to her dogs, as she’s convinced they understand every other word!

Nomi’s living her own “happily ever after” with her loving husband and their two fur babies in Tampa Bay, Florida. However, a piece of her heart will always belong in Michigan where she’s originally from--the inspiration for the settings in her novels. 

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