Saturday, October 12, 2019

ARC Book Review: A Christmas Rendezvous

Author:  Karen Booth
Title: A Christmas Rendezvous
Publisher: Harlequin Desire
Publish Date: Nov 1, 2019
Buy: Amazon
Book Blurb: 

On her second run-in with her one-night stand, they go from the bedroom to the war room! It’s bad enough that high-powered attorney Isabel Blackwell is spending her Christmas on a high-stakes case.

Then she discovers she’s up against the man who took her breath away one very special night. As a litigator, Jeremy Sharp shouldn’t be underestimated, but as lovers, Jeremy and Isabel can’t resist another rendezvous. Will this duel mean playing to win—or playing for keeps?

Review:Karen Booth's Eden Empire series has a lot of wow factors in it. It is definitely a series romance lovers will want to read.

A Christmas Rendezvous is a perfect holiday novel that could easily become a Hallmark Channel movie(oops they have their own publishing company now)

Isabel is a high powered attorney who has fixed things for some people that probably didn't need fixing.

Jeremy is her opposing attorney, working a case against the Edens.

I gave this book 4 flowers but for me it may really be 3.5.

The story is great and I love how the Karen keeps the store and the Eden family's drama unfolding with each book, as we get closer to all the sisters and lovers.

So why 3.5 or 4

Let's do a pros and cons.

Jeremy is over 40. Can I get a woo hoo on this. Though he is plagued by the horrible betrayal of his first wife.
Kittens. (I'm a sucker for stories with animals) Isabel is a strong woman and good at her job and a fighter.
The meet cute care of the fire alarm at Isabel's hotel was precious.
I loved that Christmas was the season the book was set in, but it wasn't a total focal point of the story.

There is one big one for me and that was Isabel moving into Jeremy's house when the hotel had to close because of the fire alarm system failure. She's a heavy hitting attorney. Truth be told the relationship between the two of them is a little..ok maybe more than a little bit unethical, especially with the type of case this was and for me that detracted from the story, because really outside of their first romantic involvement, they shouldn't have gone to the next level and I don't think any good attorney would have conducted a relationship like this while still being involved with the case.

So while I loved the characters, the way their relationship played out bugged me, because for the most part they kept their sleeping together a secret. (Though Mindy knew about the first fling)

Its still a good solid story and one I enjoyed.

Rating: 4 flowers


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