Sunday, December 15, 2019

Book Review: Model Behavior

Author:  M.E. Carter & Andrea Johnston
Title: Model Behavior
Release Date: Dec 12, 2019

50% of ebook release proceeds donated to Wildlife Center of Texas

He thinks he’s so perfect with his model behavior . . . and he just might be.
Reading and reviewing books is my hobby. Rescuing wildlife is my passion. It never occurred to me that both my hobby and passion would collide in the strangest of ways one day.
I was perfectly content in my quiet little world. Working, reading, and supporting my favorite authors left little time for dating or a relationship. Besides, when you take the horizontal mambo off the table, you sort of limit your prospects.
Then one night, Matthew Roberts in all his cover model glory blew into my life and swept me off my feet.
Life as a single dad is not for the weak. Especially when your daughter is a spunky six-year-old with a passion for singing and a weakness for baby animals. I’ve been strictly focused on being her dad and smiling for the camera to provide for her future. Having my abs splashed on the cover of romance novels hasn’t left much time for a personal life. Much to my mother’s dismay.
When a storm dropped—literally—a wild animal into my life, I knew there was one person who could help us—Carrie Myers. I just never expected her to save not only the small squirrel but to also find her way into my heart.
Sometimes the most unlikely person can be your greatest gift.

I totally love M.E. Carter and Andrea Johnston's Charitable Endeavors books. They bring the book world to life for readers and the stories, while not totally interconnected kind of are, if that makes any sense.

This book was Hallmark/Lifetime movie sweet. No really it is!

I loved Carrie and Matthew so much and as they became friends and then more than friends (that didn't have benefits, because ...of some notion of celibacy Carrie has) you really fall for them. You also for Calypso, Matthew's daughter and the dog Olaf and all the squirrels.

About the only thing that I wasn't fond of was Carrie's book blog profession. Most of us, are just typical average women who just enjoy sharing our feelings about our favorite books. Sure there are people out there making money off of reviewing, but that's not most of us.

I was more tickled by Carrie's job with animal rescue.

Probably the sweetest thing was the interaction between Carrie and Calypso. Its hard to imagine a never married girl taking to a young child so easily, but really this book goes down Harlequin romance territory here. Of course, what little girl isn't going to fall madly in love with a lady that rescues baby squirrels?

So if you are prepared for a book that's full of giggles and feels, because Carrie's life is full overthinking and well hilarity.

Here are some of my favorite quotes

"Of course, this morning when she put her shoes on the wrong feet and attempted to make her way out of the house without changing them, I wondered for a brief moment if college was a pipe dream."

"What a coincidence. He has washboard abs. I have a washboard forehead. It's a match made in Maytag heaven."

"At twenty-two you've been through college and can drink and stuff. At eighteen you're just..not even really adulting yet."


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