Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Book Review: Heart Words

Heart Words: released on January 31, 2020
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She believes being alone is safer.
The last person Rose wants to see is the man who broke her heart.
Unfortunately, his daughter is the newest and most adorable kindergartner in her class, and he is the newest, hottest, and most annoyingly determined cop in town.
He believes she’s his dream come true.
Trevor knows how it looks. He screwed up. He has to make her understand and he’s willing to grovel to make it happen.
Unfortunately, Rose buries feelings like it’s her job, she’s an expert at avoidance, and he is number one on her list of people to hide from.
With the flame that never died still flickering between them and Trevor’s past resurfacing to haunt him, can he win Rose’s heart?
Is it possible to get a second chance when it felt like you never really took the first one?   

Review: This is my first ever book by Nora Everly.

Ahhh so sweet and so sexy too.

Heart Words is a truly a great small town romance with a little bit of spice to get your blood pumping.

To say that I loved Rose and Trevor would be an understatement. Rose was just so relate-able with all her quirks and Trevor, well he was the perfect romance novel hero. He was strong, a good dad, a pinch of alpha that gets him in trouble sometimes and just downright sexy. Oh and his two kids, Maddie and Mikey they really make the story move along with their antics, as well as how they play into the suspense element of this novel.

See if you start out reading it, you'd think you were in for a sweet story of two people that are trying hard to get together. See these two, don't need a meet cute, they had one. They have a history and things got screwed up. So its a bit of a second chance thing but there's a deal with Trevor's ex, erm...wife.. who was all kinds of screwed up..and some of the stuff from her life (she's dead) is coming back to haunt Trevor and his family in a big, bad way.

The suspense part really gives the book some oomph, because sometimes you need more than just romance to make things exciting, and the bad guy here manages to bring relationship woos and some good ole fashioned nastiness into their lives.

This was a super read and I'm so glad to finally read one of Nora's books!

Rating: 5 flowers


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