Sunday, July 5, 2020

Book Review: Wedding At The Lakeside Resort

Author: Susan Schild
Title: Wedding At The Lakeside Resort
Publish Date:  June 2020
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Book Blurb: When it comes to love, forty-four year old Jenny Beckett's track record isn't great, but she's finally found Luke Hammond, a kind, down to earth man who adores her. And she's marrying him!

But Jenny has no time to moon about the big day. With the Lakeside Resort's busiest season fast approaching, she's busily preparing for guests coming to stay in her tiny cabins and vintage campers.

When Luke is called away on business, Jenny must single-handedly manage the resort, oversee construction of their new cabin, and plan the wedding. But she's also dealing with more troubling events. A late-night trespasser is destructive, and a developer is intent on building condominiums right next door. Jenny and Luke must scramble to protect the serenity and beauty of their beloved resort.

With love over 40 blooming all around, a plus-sized heroine, and relatable characters, come join your friends for a June wedding and stay awhile at the Lakeside Resort.

Review: Jenny and Luke are about to get married! But not without a few bumps in the road. Not bad bumps just life bumps.

Luke's company is putting pressure on him even as he's trying to become a silent partner. There's someone driving crazily around the resorts roads at night and a developer might be interested in the property next door.

All this is going on while there is a wedding to be planned.

I love the story, and I really enjoy the fact that Jenny is in her 40s. Its nice to see heroines that aren't just fresh from college. That said, in this book, Jenny and her friends seem much older than they are. Jenny is 44 and she comes across like she's 64. Also, a first lady of a small town? Where is this real? I can see it if we are talking about a mayor's wife from a big city but a small town.

There is a lot going on in this story, but the pacing is good and the characters are wonderful. If you have followed the series, and you should, they feel like old friends. I highly recommend this series be read in order, not because they can't be, but because in this series, continuity is a good thing.

There's so much to enjoy in the story, picking the wedding gown, THE CAKE! Oh and the little squabble between Jenny's mom and her new hubby.

There are lots of good times here. I can't wait to see how Jenny and Luke's honeymoon goes.

Rating: 5 flowers


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