Monday, August 10, 2020

Book Review: The Law and Miss Mary

Author: Dorothy Clark
Title: The Law & Miss Mary
Publisher: Love Inspired Historical
Publish Date: Aug 11, 2009
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Book Blurb:It's disgraceful how St. Louis's orphans are treated. And Mary Randolph plans to do something about it. She's lost her faith, but she still has compassion and a drive to help innocents in need. If she has to battle with by-the-book police captain Samuel Benton to protect them...well, she'll give him a00000000000000000000 challenge he'll never forget.

A poverty-stricken childhood left Sam hungry for the social acceptance now within his reach. All he has to do is follow through with the city fathers' plans. But Miss Randolph's feisty perseverance gives him second thoughts, reigniting his faith--and showing him how true love can fulfill all their dreams...

Review:  This was really a beautiful story. Its very unrealistic , but it was a wonderful story anyway. Mary and her brother are in St Louis because her brother has taken over a steam boat line.

It doesn't take long for Mary to get involved with the city's orphans who are being sent to jail and made to work for free, simply because they have the misfortune of being without parents. This causes her to have some issues with the city's police captain. He is currently courting the daughter of the city's mayor. She's very beautiful, but very shallow. It is very easy to hate her. Its also hard not to want to shake Sam, for even considering her as a wife. She's just a pretty arm decoration.

I loved Mary's determination to keep the children out of jail. Though this story took place during the time of orphan trains and an orphanage such as Mary's just wasn't the norm. Things were not good for orphans in this period of time in America, not that they are ever good.

This particular story was very "God" focused. Love Inspired novels are Christian fiction but the level of faith in each story is different. This one is definitely one of the more faith focused stories. God was always sending answers and people to Mary and Sam. It was a little bit much at times, but I loved Mary.

The other thing this story tried to drum down our throats was how you can be beautiful on the outside but be ugly on the inside. The big example her is Lavina,  the mayor's daughter. She was easy on the eyes, but her personality was sorely lacking. Mary is described as plain by her ex fiancee and the other "beautiful" people, but her personality makes her beautiful.

I totally enjoyed this book even though nothing could have happened.

Rating: 4 flowers


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