Monday, May 20, 2013

Book Review: Back To The Good Fortune Diner

Author: Vicki Essex
Title: Back To The Good Fortune Diner
Publisher: Harlequin Superromance
Publish Date: Jan 2, 2013
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Book Blurb: Everville, New York — it's the town where Tiffany Cheung grew up, and the last place she wants to be. But after losing her job in Manhattan, that's exactly where she finds herself. Worse, she's working at her family's Chinese diner and feeling like the outsider she once was. The only bright side is that Chris Jamieson, the boy she used to tutor, is still around. Her high school crush is hotter than ever, and he needs her help… again. Tutoring Chris's son is the perfect temporary job. Except, Chris finally seems interested in her — and is hinting about a less temporary arrangement. Talk about bad timing! Because Tiffany's not staying and nothing will stop her from getting back to her real life. But maybe what's real is about to change….

Review: I love when Harlequin's change it up. I was instantly drawn to this book with the non-Caucasian heroine. It was something different from the usual fare.

I wish I could say that Tiffany was a fantastic heroine, because she wasn't. What she was, was a character with a lot of growing up to do. That's why I found I couldn't just love Tiffany. She had that 20 something's view of the world. I must follow a career path, I must get out of my home town, I must live in a big city etc.

I think most small town girls at one time want what Tiffany wanted. Most of us don't get it, and well..Tiff didn't really have it either. So she's back home to her dysfunctional family.

I think it was the craziness of her family that brought the story to life. Her crazy family reminded me a bit of Sofie Metropolis' family. (Anyone read those fantastic books? You should) I liked getting the feeling of being part of the restaurant's day to day operations, however mundane. Vicki painted a great picture of a close knit family run restaurant. (Oh and I got really hungry for chicken balls, which after much searching turns out to be the chicken in sweet and sour chicken)

Then there's our hero, Chris. First off, can I say the guy on the cover is gorgeous and definitely a perfect Chris. He was a great dad, trying hard to raise a son on his own. His own father is quite a piece of work. Mr. Jamieson could best be described as a good hearted racist, if such a think could exist.

Simon was a great teenager, full of moodiness and angst. His character really pulls everyone together. Tiff is tutoring him so he could get his grades up for college. He proves to be quite a challenge!

There's also a subplot with Tiff's brother Daniel and his girlfriend Selena. I would have liked to see more go on with that couple, but I was pleased with how everything worked out in the end for both siblings and their significant others.

There was a lot more to this story than romance but it was a great read for a quiet afternoon.

Rating: 4 flowers


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