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Book Review: The Seduction Of Emily

Author:  Rachel Brimble
Title: The Seduction Of Emily
Publisher: eKensington
Publish Date: April 4, 2013
Review Copy Provided By: Net Galley 
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Book Blurb: Seduction is a wicked game, and no one plays it better than the devilish Will Samson in Rachel Brimble’s captivating new novel… Since girlhood, Emily Darson has accepted that she will marry Nicholas, the son of her father’s trusted business partner. The marriage contract safeguards her family legacy, Emily’s fortune, and everything she values—except her independence. Only when a sinfully handsome scoundrel enters her life does Emily realize quite how much a loveless match will cost her.

Will Samson has advanced from expert pickpocket to confidence trickster of the highest caliber. Now he has come to Bath to exact vengeance on the man who destroyed his mother—the man Emily will soon marry. But from his first glimpse of the enemy’s bewitching, spirited fiancée, Will’s plan changes.

Amid the ballrooms and salons of elegant society, heated glances explode into scandalous kisses. Revenge is sweet, but surrender will be irresistible…

Review:  This is the first historical romance by Rachel Brimble that I've read. Earlier this year I read her novel for Harlequin Superromance, Finding Justice and loved it. I have to say that though The Seduction of Emily made me very nervous at times, while reading it, I enjoyed it just as much.

Now why was I nervous.

Nicholas Milne was such a nasty character that I really thought something terrible might befall Emily. He was an abusive, nasty, evil, no good, jerk of a man. You have to hate him. You also have to wonder what made him that way, since Emily repeatedly said that as children they were friends. I wish there had been some back story to his character that let the readers see how he turned into such a bad seed.

The Seduction Of Emily is very different from most regency romances.

How so?

Emily, Nicholas and Will are all common. Not a single one of them are a member of the ton. In fact, because of the tobacco business that is the forefront of the marriage contract between Emily and Nicholas, we know that they are member of "The Trade!" Will is even more common that that!

I liked that Emily did her best to stand up for herself, but I also wish she opened her eyes a bit more to Nicholas' bad behavior. Her father who is dying of lung disease knew better than she did, about Nicholas and his character, or lack thereof.

There was a lot of romantic tension between Emily and Will from the very start. I liked that it was kept at bay throughout most of the novel, yet you know that something is there between them.

This is the one of 3 historical romances that I've read recently dealing with domestic abuse. I thought everything was handled well in the story and I was really glad, Nicholas ended up where he belonged for the time being.

The subject matter is very touchy, when you are using it in a romance, and I felt Rachel handled things really well. She showed Nicholas for the predator he was, without making the story too graphic.

I definitely will be reading more of Rachel's historical romances.

Rating: 4 flowers


Renee B said...

Great review! just added this one to my wishlist! I do love a good romance that deals with hard issues and is a solid story.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

It's definitely a great read, and it's pretty reasonable too. When I was adding the buy link, it's only 1.99 for Kindle :)

Rachel Brimble said...

Hi Andrea!

WOW, thank you for such a great review - I am thrilled that you enjoyed Emily and Will's journey so much. I have had a lot of comments about Nicholas and keep wondering whether I should write his story... ;)

In the meantime, the sequel to 'Emily' is sitting on my editor's desk. I have written Laura's story and REALLY hope you'll like it!

Rachel x

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