Thursday, September 18, 2014

Great Escapes Virtual Book Tours Book Review: Lost Legacy

Author: Annette Dashofy
Title: Lost Legacy
Publisher: Henery Press
Publish Date: Sept 16, 2014
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Book Blurb: On a sultry summer afternoon, Paramedic Zoe Chambers responds to a call and finds a farmer’s body hanging from the rafters of his hay barn. What first appears to be a suicide quickly becomes something sinister when Zoe links the victim to a pair of deaths forty-five years earlier. Her attempts to wheedle information from her mother and stepfather hit a brick wall of deception, one that brings into question everything Zoe knows about her late father, who died in a car crash when she was eight. Or did he? Police Chief Pete Adams fears Zoe’s inquiries are setting her up for deeper heartbreak and putting her in danger. As Zoe and Pete inch closer to the truth, they discover that a missing gun links the crimes which span more than four decades. But the killer isn’t done. Two more Vance Township residents fall victim to the same gun, and when tragedy strikes too close to home, Zoe realizes her family is in the crosshairs

Review:  I spent the day reading this book. It is one that you won't want to put down until it's finished. I had a lot of reasons to do that.

First, the story is set in a fictional county in PA, which sounds a lot like Washington County, PA, where I live. There are a lot of references to Pittsburgh in the book, and that makes me squee with delight. I love having a feeling of connection with places in the books I read, and I definitely got that with Lost Legacy.

But wait there's more. The story starts out with what looks like a suicide, but spirals into several murders, all stemming back from another incident in the same barn over 40 years ago. There are so may suspects, som are even hitting a little close to home for Zoe. In fact, for awhile, I was kinda worried that the killer might be someone really close to Zoe.

I loved all the characters in the book, but none so much as Pete's dad, Harry, who has Alzheimer's. I wanted to hug him, he was just so sweet. I also enjoyed how Pete and Zoe really worked together to solve the crime and even when it came to finding out answers about her father's death 20 +  years ago.

Annette keeps you guessing on the killer to the very end, making this a really great read. The ending is very emotional and I have to say, this is the first time I found myself with a few tears at the end of a mystery!

Lost Legacy is the 2nd book in the Zoe Chambers series, and when you finish it you will be eagerly waiting for the next book!

Rating: 5 flowers

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Anonymous said...

Wow! This sounds like a great book!
Becky Prazak

bn100 said...

Sounds interesting

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